Post #5: Bold test

This will be a test of using the font in bold. Was the word bold actually “bold”? Yes it worked without making a new block. But to change a word’s color it appears to need a new block.

Post 4: Change Font Color

This is a test of changing font color in the Gutenberg editor. So far this is regular test and now I am going to change the color after the end of this sentence here. This will be in the font color green if I get it right. Apparently to change the color you need to … Read more

Post #3: This Is A Pull Quote Test

This is going to be a test of another Gutenberg block feature called a “pull quote”. As opposed to the regular quote that i used in the prior post. Lets see how this works out! The great philosopher Brian J Dawson was a renowned advocate of the social-democratic movement. This is the attribution section. The … Read more

Post #2: This Is A Block Quote

This is going to be a block quote. I am using Gutenberg so it may give me several choices. If so I will list which block I choose after the quote. This is a quote from the renowned philosopher Brian J Dawson Bjd cicca 1968 The above was listed as a quote block by Gutenberg.

Post #1: Numbered List

This is going to be a numbered list. This is my first point. So cool This is my second point. Even more cool? This is my third point. Finally my fourth point Those are the points I wanted to make in this post. And so this is my conclusion. Blah Blah Blah!