# 7 Lets Add A Video

I am going to try to add a video on this one. This will be via Gutenberg and I have to be careful as some sites may not have Gutenberg extra blocks added into them.

I think this worked pretty good. I used a block from Gutenberg that is just dedicated to YouTube Videos.

Below are a list of some types of individual video plugins that are available.

  • You Tube
  • Vimeo
  • Daily Motion

Those were the other blocks I saw. I have to check if this website has a Gutenberg addon plugin. No problem, just need to remember to add that to new websites also.

# 6 Bullet List

This is my sixth post. I am going to try a bullet list. I don’t know how it is going to work so let’s find out?

  • this is my first point.
  • this is my second point
  • the first letter does not get capitalized automatically.
  • this is my forth point so how is that.

Back to paragraph. At least I hope that is what this text is as I just hit return and did not enter the paragraph block. But I guess it does so automatically.

Post #5: Bold test

This will be a test of using the font in bold. Was the word bold actually “bold”?

Yes it worked without making a new block. But to change a word’s color it appears to need a new block.

Post 4: Change Font Color

This is a test of changing font color in the Gutenberg editor. So far this is regular test and now I am going to change the color after the end of this sentence here. This will be in the font color green if I get it right.

Apparently to change the color you need to start a new block.

Now back to regular text with out editing. That is because this color must be the default.

Post #3: This Is A Pull Quote Test

This is going to be a test of another Gutenberg block feature called a “pull quote”. As opposed to the regular quote that i used in the prior post. Lets see how this works out!

The great philosopher Brian J Dawson was a renowned advocate of the social-democratic movement.

This is the attribution section.

The above is a pull quote, as opposed to a regular quote using the Gutenberg Editor.

This is a pull quote with out a citation.

Ok so I wrote two pull quotes in this post. The first with a citation and the second without.

Post #2: This Is A Block Quote

This is going to be a block quote. I am using Gutenberg so it may give me several choices. If so I will list which block I choose after the quote.

This is a quote from the renowned philosopher Brian J Dawson

Bjd cicca 1968

The above was listed as a quote block by Gutenberg.

Post #1: Numbered List

This is going to be a numbered list.

  1. This is my first point. So cool
  2. This is my second point. Even more cool?
  3. This is my third point.
  4. Finally my fourth point

Those are the points I wanted to make in this post. And so this is my conclusion. Blah Blah Blah!


This Is Post Number 1

The body of this post has too much space between it and the title.