Our Lady Of NAFTA Loses While America Wins

Today in the Iowa caucus, Princess Hillary, Our Lady Of NAFTA, came in a losing third behind Obama followed by John Edwards. Apparently the blood money she received from Silicon Valley contributors was not enough to let her “purchase” second place!

Hillary Clinton deserves to loose! I would vote for Mike Huckabee before I would vote for Hillary Clinton! She has sold out the Middle Class to the corporate elites and their H1-b agenda. Soon this agenda will threaten most college degree careers! While I hope John Edwards will win, if he does not win a single state before “Super Primary Day” then I hope he would withdraw and back Obama!

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Hillary Clinton must pay for her betrayal of the Middle Class and her wiliness to destroy the career hopes of American Technology students and graduates! She undermines the dreams of college students taking difficult computer course work then whines there are not enough technology workers when all the evidence is to the contrary!

The time has come for Our Lady Of NAFTA to face the music and go down to the defeat she so truly deserves. It’s time for America’s Silent Majority – Our great Middle Class (and those who aspire to be) to take our nation back from these CUT AND RUN Capitalists who ship our jobs and technology overseas! But not just the Republicans but also their minions in our own Democratic Party who support NAFTA and the RACIST H1-b Visa program must be defeated!


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Ah but Hillary Clinton wants to keep those jobs in America! Except she wants to fill them with foreign workers at lower pay! Imagine being a programmer who is then fired and required to train their own foreign replacement! Well it is already happening! The March 28th edition of the Wall Street Journal even listed more college level jobs that will be off shored! But don’t worry Hillary Clinton will keep those jobs here too. Only she will fill them with foreign workers at lower pay!

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