Return On Idiocy: Bush’s Side Tracking Of The War On Terrorism

Yet again President Bush tries to make the case that the war in Iraq is the same as the war on terrorism! What drives me crazy is some of the guys I work with have a knee jerk reaction in support of this President! The same President Bush who bragged to his college professor that he did not have to do his time in the National Guard! Yet he takes advantage of the duty and patriotism of Army Reserve and National Guard members NOT behaving as he did!

Bush gets away with this because he supports “kicking ass” as he said in Australia. The problem is that many Democrats are afraid to “enjoy” the fact that we really did kick ass in Afghanistan initially! Sometimes it takes more than mere objective logic. The hell with being politically correct! Let me repeat a maxim that my fellow Democrats must learn!


“With terrorists if you do not kick ass then you are perceived as kissing ass”!


You can look down your nose at this statement but the fact is Americans believe in this and I have to admit I do also! The question is however “whose ass are we kicking with this war in Iraq?” Certainly not Al Qaeda! We are not making our nation more secure, even General Petraeus in his testimony admitted that. Our nation excels at “shock and awe” which uses our superior technological capabilities! George Bush has changed this to “bleed and gore” in an occupation that never had enough troops and serves no national objective! Why are we involved in this civil war in Iraq? Especially when Afghanistan is growing record opium crops that will be used to finance terrorism against our homeland! Meanwhile Bin Laden runs free in the mountains of the Afghan – Pakistan border! This is where we should now be “kicking ass” before we get struck again.

Bush has “boundary issues”. He cannot defend our own borders where 3,000 people cross illegally each day nor for that matter the Iraqi – Iranian border where weapons are crossing to kill our brave troops! Don’t forget our ports where most cargo containers are still not inspected six years after the attack of 9-11! Oh but Bush did want to relieve us of that responsibility by turning over our major ports to a company from the United Arab Emirates! Then this idiot has the nerve to talk about terrorists following us home from Iraq!

But we can all breathe easy now that Bush has just recently opened further our wide open borders to Mexican trucks! Yes please tell us Mr. Bush, once again how the terrorists are going to follow us home if we leave Iraq! Yet while under your watch Mr. Bush, Afghan opium production has grown to world record highs with the money going to Al Qaeda! Yes tell us how they are going to follow us home Mr. President while next door to this massive terrorist fundrasing operation some of the nice nuclear scientists in next door Pakistan have extremists beliefs and want to kill us! With the marriage of Afghan opium money and Pakistani nuclear smarts plus our wide open borders, does anyone see the mushroom cloud over our cities coming? Ah but I am being an alarmist!

What makes me sleep secure in my bed is the knowledge that our national security is backed by Michael Chertoff! With Bush and his side kick, Michael Chertoff, at the head of our Homeland Security, and Chertoff’s great tack record, surely a mushroom cloud over New York City is indeed a forgone return on idiocy! So my fellow Americans when the dirty nuclear dust cloud starts to fall on us remember the FALLING CHADS as this is indeed a return on idiocy! God help America!

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