News Media Biases Tarnishes Election

God can you imagine the Republican reaction if the news media suppressed information about Barrack Obama being associated with an African – American Independence movement? Yet where is the Democratic Party outrage as the news media suppress the connection between Sarah Palin and the Alaskan Independence Party! This rabid group of secessionists wants to pluck a star from the flag of our nation! Yet the news media marches like lame little wimps afraid to say anything after they asked poor Sarah Palin a “trick” question. “What is your opinion of the Bush Doctrine”!

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The video above gives excerpts of Governor Sarah Palin’s speech to the Alaskan Independence Party that she made THIS YEAR! The video also gives excellent background information.

Many will try to pooh pooh the connection between Sarah Palin and the Alaskan Independence Party by stating that the AIP has retracted she was a member! Also her voter registration records confirm this. Well it turns out she was not a formal member but she did attend their meetings and THIS YEAR actually video addressed these rebels from her office as Governor! You can click here and see the full video on the Alaskan Independence Party Website!

Let’s review the facts:

  1. She spoke to their convention this year and praised them. God imagine if Barrack Obama did the same for a Black separatist group! Again the video can be found on the Alaskan Independence Party website itself which I will repeat here!
  2. While the AIP retracts that she was a formal member none the less on their website (different page than the above) they state that she physically attended their convention in 2006, gave a video speach in 2008 and her husband was a FORMAL member of the Alaskan Independence Party!

Can you imagine if this had been Barrack Obama? Where is the outrage? Where the hell is the news media?

In the video above Keith Olbermann really sticks to Sarah Palin not just for her connection to the Alaskan Independance Party but also for her minister pals. Jack Caferty and Chris Matthews have mentioned her linkage to the AIP. But you hardly hear this talked about compared to the orgy of coverage concerning Ayers and Obama! Maybe Senator Obama doesn’t want to raise the issue as he is leading anyway and the public does not like negative ads. But you would think some Democratic Senator would have the guts to stand up make this public especially since she is clothing herself in the American Flag! Oh yes and $150,000 dollars for her wardrobe! Does the news media need the Democrats to act first! Perhaps this is a contest to see who can be the biggest WIMPS – News Media or leading Democrats!

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(George Bush – Our Commander – In Chief! The above video explains his spectacular military record! )

Where the hell is Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid on this if Barrack Obama wants to play the high road! But then what can you expect from Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid they let Bush go on as Commander – In – Chief when he should be called “Deserter In Chief”! (See the video above)

This Tuesday let’s take our country back from these effete snobs of the Republican Party!

The time has come for the Silent Majority to stand up for America!


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