Jan 04

Rep. Issa Doing What We Democrats Should Have Done

Americans lost their lives in the vain quest for Iraqi WMD while Bush and his fellow travelers sent us into a deficit creating Republican social engineering experiment in Iraq.  Did Obama try to investigate this or push Congress to investigate this? No all you heard is the wimpy purr of pussy cats while Obama tried to get Democrats and Republicans to sing “Kum-bye-yah”

Progressive Commentator Ed Schultz gets all fired up in the video clip below about Rep. Issa’s plans to persecute Obama when he takes over the new Republican dominated House Oversight Committee. Remember when Obama took office and decided to drop the investigations of George Bush and how we got into Iraq? (see the video below). Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 29

American Exceptionalism: GOP Playing Patriot While Screwing America

Two Years ago President Obama, in a primary debate, put down the other contestants by saying “their ideas were mere replays of late night discussions in the college dormitories of the 1960’s”. Well I was in those late night dorm discussions and it is to bad Obama wasn’t around then because he would recognize the latest incarnation of the conservative game of “playing patriot”. But then again a REAL Progressive, which Obama is not, would answer these sunshine patriots of the right with some counter rhetoric!

Why don’t these same big mouth Republicans believe in making a buck in America instead of shipping their investments and our jobs overseas. Frequently these singers of the  “Corporate Elitist Globalization Internationale“ even ship our jobs and their investments to the very enemies of America of the 1960’s!  They even ship our jobs to Vietnam while our dead soldiers decay in the ground below the land they invest in! What happened to all the dominoes? Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 28

GOP: Bankruptcy Is Good For States But Not Individuals

Republicans want to allow state governments to go bankrupt so they can destroy civil service unions! Strange isn’t it that they fought tooth and nail to make it harder for individuals to declare bankruptcy! Former Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is leading the fight. There is a method to their madness. They want to empower the corporate class to siphon off the life blood of middle class Americans.

The issue is to increase not just the finances of the rich but to undermine the security of the vast Silent Majority of Americans –  our great Middle Class! When the unions are undermined then the power of the corporate class interests grows since progressive politicians receive support from unions! With less better paying jobs available, the wages of all Americans can be reduced while the profits of our social betters increase! Ah yes this is what they call “Freedom”! The freedom to serve the Economic Royalists and their right wing social engineering experiment! Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 22

Obama Signs Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell Repeal

When confronted with racial discrimination in the military President Harry Truman took the poll data concerning views of American servicemen and then just laid it aside to do the right thing. The reason for that is that human rights are not subject of majority confirmation. They are rights – period!

Amazing isn’t it that people want to serve and fight in these two wars yet conservatives have tried to undermine their rights while backing the rights of “corporations as persons”! Then there is the other meaning of “Don’t Ask –  Don’t Tell”! What am I referring to? Well George Bush’s record in the National Guard which he never finished.

The news media follows the guideline of “Don’t Ask” and “Don’t Tell” concerning former President Bush’s military record.

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Dec 15

Dump The Wimp Obama In The Primary

I hope Senator Bernie Sanders or Howard Dean will announce a primary challenge to Obama. My preference is for a Sanders/Dean ticket. But regardless the time has come. Barrack Obama’s worldview does not include the testosterone of wheel chair restricted Franklin Delano Roosevelt! President Obama does not have the guts to go to the American people, as did FDR, and talk about the “Economic Royalists” and the evils of “Organized Money”! Instead Obama is a threat to social security! Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 08

Imagine Barrack Obama In A Hostage Situation

If you want to kill “Change We Can Believe In” then continue to support Barrack Obama and his “Audacity Of Impotency”! Did you hear his justification for giving the wealthy top 2% a continuation of their tax breaks? Obama said that in a hostage situation you don’t want to give in! But in this case Obama said he had to because the American middle class was being held hostage by the Republicans and the hostages would be hurt!

Excuse me Mr.President but that is the very definition of a hostage situation! This proves what I said about Barrack Obama in a prior post. He is not only a danger to the Progressive Agenda but also to our nation! Imagine what foreign leaders are saying concerning Obama’s resolve in a confrontational situation?

How would Barrack Obama React To A Hostage Situation

  • Imagine the Iranian hostage situation repeated? What if they were to hurt our hostages?
  • Imagine China, with her storehouse of American IOU’s holding our economy hostage if we should press for “fair trade” or push for the return of American jobs.!
  • Imagine the Republicans holding our economy hostage by refusing to authorize an increase in the national debt. If we default our nation’s credit would be wiped out. Obama brings us closer to brinkmanship by his weakened credibility to not blink!
  • Imagine North Korea threatening to attack South Korea! Our troops in South Korea constitute a “trip wire”. The “trip wire” strategy works as long as the enemy perceives us as not willing to blink! Since we would be overrun the enemy knows we would stop this by using “tactical nuclear weapons”. This is the same strategy we used against the Soviets in Western Europe.

If we did not use the “trip wire” strategy then we would have to field a much larger army in both Soviet era western Europe and present day South Korea! Below Keith Olbermann goes ballistic concerning Obama’s Audacity of Impotency!

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

If you remember under President Clinton the Republicans tried to shut the government down. Bill Clinton would not blink and the Republicans had to give in.

Currently many Republicans felt they should have fought harder in their fight with Clinton. Now with President Obama and his weakened perception of credibility in a showdown, the Republicans may actually hold the nation and the world economy “hostage” when the debt ceiling vote comes up!

By not standing up to the bully and instead having a daily reading of Dale Carnegie’s  “How To Win Friends And Influence People”, President Obama is inviting the Republicans to hold our economy “hostage”! Not to mention the damage he is doing to our foreign policy!

Obama just doesn’t realize that Republicans don’t play by “Dale Carnegie“ rules they play by rules of “Andrew Carnegie”!

This is not “Change We Can Believe In” but Barrack Obama’s AUDACITY OF IMPOTENCY! Vote for  Bernie Sanders for President in 2012 and Howard Dean For Vice President!

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Dec 06

Stop Excusing Obama For Betraying The Base

As a Progressive I am fed up with Barrack Obama. President Obama is going to support an extension of the Bush Tax Cuts to the rich when we should be going back to the days of Dwight Eisenhower when we had a progressive income tax of 91%. The right wing was screaming that Barrack Obama was going to turn this nation leftward because he had a extreme left wing agenda and because he had the rhetorical skills to be a liberal version of Ronald Reagan.

I voted for Barrack Obama believing he was the second coming of Franklin Delano Roosevelt! What a joke! Franklin Roosevelt was a handicapped cripple who was a testosterone filled lion! FDR proudly proclaimed that he “welcomed the hatred of the elites”! Barrack Obama is a basketball playing testosterone lacking wimp who will not use his rhetorical skills! You actually enjoy seeing Republicans kick sand in his face because he hasn’t learned you have to stand up to the bully

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Obama’s Betrayal Of The Progressive Agenda

Obama lacks the agenda of a real progressive! Just look at the weak stimulus he gave us and the lack of a public option in the Health Care Bill.

If Obama had a liberal agenda:

  • The issue would not be how many months we should extend the Bush Tax Cuts, the issue would be should we raise the Progressive Income Tax back to 91% immediately or over a two year period!
  • We would be breaking up the banks and ending “to big to fail” instead of institutionalizing it!
  • We would be debating the levels of a new “Economic Patriotism Act”. The debate would focus on the levels and speed of raising the national tariffs on imported goods and the adding of taxes on overseas investment profits!
  • We would be bringing the troops home and forcing investors to bring both  white collar and blue collar jobs home!
  • We would be addressing the increasing income gap between the Middle Class and the top 2%. FDR spoke about the “economic royalists”. Obama  just “meows”!
  • Then Obama would be using his Presidential bully pulpit to advance a constitutional amendment to end corporations influencing our election process and making us pay to finance their K-Street agenda!

If he is challenged in a primary, and I hope he is, I will vote against him. If Obama keeps the Democratic Party leadership I will vote for the Green Party candidate. If the Green Party does not offer a candidate I will place a write in vote for Senator Bernie Sanders and Howard Dean.

Want to destroy “Change We Can Believe In”? Then re-elect Barrack Obama! –  Hell no!

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Dec 03

Rush Limbaugh: Poor Should Not Vote

President Franklin D Roosevelt said “necessitous men are not free men”! President Roosevelt advocated a “Second Bill Of Rights” to the Constitution that would guarantee citizens the right to gainful employment! Today unemployment rose to 9.8%. That means at least 9.8% of Americans are not free! That does not include those who are working substitute jobs or those who “fear” for their job!

Republicans however believe that “individual freedom” should be subjugated to the CORPORATE COLLECTIVE! We hear these effete snobs of privilege whining that American middle class employees should “compete” with the slave labor of China and third world nations while they collect the dividend checks!

But now their audacity goes even further! Rush Limbaugh wants to deny the poor the right to vote! (See video below)

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Where is the Democratic Party rage at Rush Limbaugh? When will Democrats stop “playing progressive” inside the confines of their corporate contributors imposed “sandbox”?

Obama Needs To Study President Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Ask yourself how FDR would treat the following compared to Barrack Obama!

  • The unemployment rate has gone up and where is the RAGE from Democrats?
  • Republicans want to deny unemployment insurance payments right before Christmas! Where is Obama? He is in Afghanistan!
  • Republicans want to extend tax cuts to the rich while more American white collar and blue collar jobs get off shored! Where are the Democrats?

Democrats should study President Franklin Roosevelt. I suggest you listen to the clip on the top of this page! That is what a REAL Democrat should sound like. Instead we have a wimp for a President! Barrack Obama must go! He is going to drive every young voter into the closet and out of the voting booth for a generation!

For God’s sake why cannot Democrats go on the attack with this statement by Rush Limbaugh? We need a new “Progressive or Social Democrat” Party.

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Dec 02

More Progressives See Obama As A Loser

For the sake of “Change We Can Believe In” the Democratic Party must tell Barrack Obama to go and take a walk in 2012! At this point I don’t give a krap about the way Republicans are acting. I expect that. The issue is the weak pathetic response by our President and the Democratic Party leadership. My God if our President cannot find the guts to attack the Republicans on tax breaks to the rich and fighting for extensions of unemployment insurance then we might as well just fold up our party!

I don’t care now if Barrack Obama has been falsely accused of being a(n):

  1. Socialist
  2. Elitist
  3. Muslim
  4. Atheist
  5. Low intelligence community organizer
  6. Author of death panels
  7. anti-Christ
  8. Non-American

All of the above are wrong but one negative label should be added as it is true! President Obama is a damn wimp! Yes “wimp”. Progressives organizations and MSNBC liberal cheerleaders are now joining me in this assessment! I actually ENJOY when Obama is called one of the above!

Anyone who continues to allow the bullies to attack and doesn’t realize he “had” the majority of Americans behind him DESERVES to be ridiculed. The problem is that Obama is so turning off the idealistic young and others who ventured out to vote in 2008 for him that he may send them back into the closet for decades!

This may be the legacy of Barrack Obama! The time has come for him to be challenged. Not by Hillary Clinton (our beloved lady of NAFTA) but by a real Democrat like Bernie Sanders or Howard Dean. Yes I realize Bernie Sanders is not formally a Democrat but he is a member of the Democratic Senate Caucus!

BoldProgressives.Org has placed an ad that shows they place “Change We Can Believe In” above loyalty to Obama! (See ad below)

At this point even if Obama went on the offensive, the very sight of him makes me want to puke! When I say “go on the offensive” I don’t mean a one news cycle slap on the wrist to Republicans! I mean all out CLASS WARFARE!

I am fed up with Democrats who “play progressive” inside the boundaries of the “corporate sandbox”. They do push some liberal ideas but they always look over their shoulders to not alienate their corporate sponsors! Senator Charles Schumer is a good example! We need to return to the tactics of President Franklin Delanor Roosevelt! We need to talk to America about the “economic royalists” and the need for a “Second Bill Of Rights”! As FDR said if you act from necessity then you are not free! If Democrats cannot stand up against tax cuts for the rich and to support the unemployed then we should be called “Corpocrats”!

MoveOn.org is a late bloomer in the Progressive realization that Obama is indeed a wimp! See their sugar coated ad below.

I just love www.MoveOn.Org use of folksy begging of Obama to man up for “Change We Can Believe In”! I am a member of MoveOn.Org! I don’t blame them for taking time to realize Obama is a wimp. But the time has come to face up to it and “move on”.

Senator Bernie Sanders For President

Howard Dean For Vice President!

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Dec 01

Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell: Bush Not Completing His Military Duty

While Gays wait to see if they will be able to serve this nation in the open, how come Democrats “Don’t Ask” about the second President Bush’s Air National Guard service record completion?  Bush doesn’t tell about it! He speaks somewhat about it but cannot account for his absence. The length of time he did not attend meetings would get anyone else activated for regular duty! Amazing! I also served in the Army Reserves! Yes I did not want to go to Vietnam! Seems I was right too! The dominoes haven’t fallen but the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who ship our jobs from America, they seem to have discovered Vietnam! But we will leave that for another post.

Why don’t Democrats have the guts to investigate Bush’s past! This guy sent our troops to die and get maimed but we have a policy of “Don’t Ask” and Bush has a policy of Don’t Tell about his military past. In the video above his commander has no knowledge of Bush. Funny I remember the names of the guys I served with! I can even picture them vividly!

Maybe if the Congressional Republicans and some Democrats could get a testosterone donation from our Gay servicemen they might man up to doing what is right for those who actually want to put themselves in harms way for this nation! But the bleeding hearts for our social betters seem to believe Bush has the right to send thousands to their death and dismemberment but not risk even weekend duty himself!

What is worse is that President Obama, an African American, should “ask” the military what they think! Harry Truman didn’t give a krap. President Truman didn’t care. He just did the right thing by executive order. By doing what was unpopular he made it possible for Barrack Obama to be President!

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