President Spock And The Science Of Losing

Let’s see now how can we Democrats go out of our way to loose! Well first we had Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi gaining the leadership of the Senate and House then pig headily letting the Republicans just roll over them! We could have refused to fund the war in Iraq but Nancy Pelosi would not have any of it!

We could have held the nation spell bound with endless TV newscasts of Congressional committees investigating:

  • Halliburton
  • George Bush and his failure to complete his National Guard service requirements.
  • Corporate selling of our technology to the enemies of America!
  • Corporations avoiding taxes by setting up off shore head quarters!
  • How we got into Iraq and endless gleeful days of news cycle coverage concerning the Iraqi War’s contribution to our economic mess.
  • Corporate off shoring of both white collar technical jobs and blue collar jobs.

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Breaking Up Is Hard To – Why?

As a Social Democrat I am sick of Democrats acting like “Corpocrats”! We have been told that the banks will be forced to pay into an insurance fund! This is supposed to serve as an insurance  if they play the same casino game, then the tax payer will not have to bail them out? REALLY who is going to pay for this fund? They will pass the costs on to the middle class via increased mortgage costs and credit card interest! I  agree with the ad put out by which is embedded below.

But “Organized Money” has it’s tentacles all the way into the White House! Goldman Sachs made large contributions to President Obama! Just look at how “Organized Money” weakened the Health Care Reform Law! Organized Money also took away the “FREEDOM” of America’s senior citizens to get lower cost prescription drugs from Canada!

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