Top Ten Reasons Republicans Get Away With The Filibuster

Actually it started before Barrack Obama became President. Democrats have been playing their favorite party game of “masochism”! We had a majority in the House of Representatives and Nancy Pelosi did not use her constitutional mandate to end the financing of the Iraq War. This allowed Republicans to see that most Democrats don’t have the testosterone to stand up to Republicans!

When you required only a simple majority in the House to stop the unfunded vast wild eyed Republican Social Engineering Experiment in Iraq under Bush and you don’t do it in that environment, then what chance do you stand now in the Senate? In the House they cannot filibuster while in the Senate Republicans can filibuster! One word can sum it all up, “impotence”! When Wall Street gets away with murder and we Democrats don’t stand up to them then you have to ask, “Is that the change we voted for”?

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Massachusetts: Yo Obama It’s Your Fault

Americans love “action figures”. George Bush Jr. did not even have a majority when the College of Electors  gave him the presidency in the 2000 election. Gore had the popular vote regardless of Florida. But Bush became an “action figure” when the issue was terrorism. So what he invaded the wrong country, Iraq! Americans love ACTION! His action, even wrong action, gave him a second term. Hell even the liberal MSNBC was re-airing the invasion of Iraq with all our “shock and awe” technology to it’s liberal audience well into the second term of George Bush. Then the issue was the economy and jobs. The Republicans preached what George Bush Sr. called “voodoo economics”. The same hands off economics of Herbert Hover. Obama promised “change” he presented himself as an “ACTION FIGURE”. Below is a video, not from a politician but an average American whose frustration and anger I agree with 100%. Thank you Justin for the video!

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Starter House But Insurance Cartel Owns The Mortgage

This bill is to weak and requires audacity to hope that rates will not skyrocket due to insurance company greed. I am afraid I cannot go along with Senator Harkins analogy that the Senate Bill is a “starter house not a mansion but we have to start somewhere!” I must number myself among the “Democrats Against Health Reform” because as Howard Dean has mentioned the Bill still allows Insurance Companies to practice “de facto” rejection of customers due to prior existing conditions. The rejection would be illegal but the modus operandi would be that insurance companies can still jack up their prices to cost prohibitive levels on those customers they do not want!

There is no real competition for the insurance companies without a robust public option.

Thus rates will continue their projected massive upward trends. Rates are set to skyrocket over the next few years but the average American is not aware of this.

  • If there is no bill then the so called “free market” will be blamed and their Republican fellow travelers would suffer even more loses at the polls.
  • If the bill passes then when rates continue to rise unchecked the Democrats will take the blame.

You cannot simply “add on” to this “starter house” because the Democrats just don’t have the testosterone to do it! Besides having a public option was a compromise to begin with since most progressives want a single payer system!

I strongly urge you to watch this testosterone filled video from “The Frank Factor”. This video was made prior to Obama taking office! But the author makes a correct assessment and a dire prediction that has come true due to the weak behavior of both Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. (See see video below).

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Senator Ben Nelson Blue Dog Hypocrite

Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson is a damned hypocrite who helped kill real Health Care Reform. He whines against both abortion and government “socialism”. That is why he was against the public option! Yet he has jumped on board to give the 60th vote in the Senate in return for unique “Socialist Medicaid” concessions to his state of Nebraska while denying America the public option! – Hypocrite!

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Joe Liebermann Saves Tiger Woods From Corporate Defections

Tiger Woods
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Tiger Woods who seems to have more woman than Bill Clinton had cigars was about to loose almost every corporate sponsor he had! Well that was the case until today when Senator Joe Liebermann became the man of the hour and decided to help Tiger Woods keep his corporate sponsors. It will not be easy for Tiger Woods to control his testosterone raging libido that is driving his corporate sponsors away from him but Tiger Woods will begin daily does of “LIEBERMANNICIN”! This exciting new drug developed by Connecticut pharmaceutical corporations and tested on Senator Joe Liebermann makes the patient worsey and fully compliant with corporate prerogatives!

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Democrats Letting Republicans Define Health Care Issue

I wish President Obama could be as determined on the issue of Health Care “change that we can believe in” as he is in fighting the war in Afghanistan! But then again look at his limp responses to:

  • Creating jobs.
  • Stimulating the economy especially in Green Technology and Infrastructure.
  • Regulating the Credit Card industry so the banks don’t pay back their TARP on the backs of consumers! Did our President ever hear about the concept of “Usury”?
  • Addressing the issue of the income gap between Middle Class Americans and the top 2%.
  • Corporations forcing average Americans to finance the interests of the Corporate Collectives via hidden taxes on goods and services to subsidize their K-Street lobbying!
  • Outing members of Congress, both Republican and Democrat, from their cushy K-Street closets! They should be shamed in public by the President. Rather then the continued Liebermannization of Congress!

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Time For Liberals To Be Aggressive

Big deal we got 60 votes to “talk” about Health Care Reform. When you listen to Republican Senator Judd Gregg you can hear the Republican strategy being exposed which the Democrats are not countering! Oh dear we don’t want to be “partisan” now do we? Well I do! If you listen closely you can hear all the sub-issues that Republicans want to use to start in fighting among not just Democrats but Middle Class Americans!

Here is just a partial score card for how the Republicans will achieve victory unless Democrats stop being wimps!

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Democratic Base Was SNOWED IN – Time For Liberal Tea Party

The Progressive base of the Democratic Party stayed home since we have been “Snowed” in. President Obama, in his quest for bipartisanship, has climbed MT Olympus to find that the “Snow(e)” is slippery and has driven the Democratic base to stay home. Then again President Obama stood by while the Maine Gay Marriage Act was overturned and did not speak out in support of retaining it while the Glen Beck crowd used “fear” to make people believe their children were going to be taught homosexuality in school! Also Obama stood by all this time as Sarah Palin was being a pal to the Alaskan Secessionists while she accused him of being weak on supporting our nation’s values!

Barrack Obama is becoming a wimp in the face of Republicans and especially Tea Baggers! We liberals need to have our own Liberal version of the Tea Party Movement. We need to fight Corporate Collectivization! Our freedom as individuals is at stake!  It is bad enough that fat cat corporate executives have deeper pockets to support their candidates but they want to dip their hands into my wallet and TAX me via higher premiums to support their K – Street Operations! Why am I being taxed by these Corporate Collectives to finance their social agenda against my individual self interest? This is Taxation Without Representation! Their motto is “Power To The Corporate Collectives and the hell with Individual Freedom”! We need to have our own Progressive Tea Party Movement!

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Without A Strong Public Option Progressives Should Filibuster

The Health Care Bill with a weak or no Public Option is an exercise in Democratic Party masochism! With the number of restrictions being placed on the Public Option it is being set up to bring both Universal Health Care and the liberal movement down! Since only a few will be allowed to take the Public Option, the power of the “pool” is to weak to negotiate better health rates with drug companies, doctors and hospitals!

Without action all agree health care costs are about to explode. The public is not fully aware of this. If this weak watered down Health Care Bill passes with it’s  lack of muscle to give real competition to the insurance companies, then whole concept of Universal Health Care and the Democrats will be faulted by the Republicans when the insurance companies raise their premiums through the roof!

Thank God for Ed Schultz and Rep. Dennis Kucinich. They are expressing the views of most Democrats and yes most Americans! See the video  below!

President Obama is starting to get some testosterone but not enough!

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