Republicans Bow To BP

Remember when Republicans were screaming at President Obama because he bowed to the Japanese Emperor? What about Rep. Joe Barton bowing to BP Executives? True many Republicans pushed him to back away but why do Republicans want a cap on spill liabilities yet are against the “Cap on Trade Bill”? To use the conservative rhetoric of the 60’s when I was a teen, “We live in an era of licentious permissiveness”! That’s right but not because of sex! We live in an era where the CORPORATE COLLECTIVISTS want to undermine INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM! They regard the Gulf as their bathtub for licentious play while they screw mother earth and the lives of what one of their executives called “The little people”!

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Democrats And Progressives – A Call For Action

President Barrack Obama did an excellent job speaking to the Republican House Caucus. He requested that the cameras keep rolling during the question and answer session that followed his speech to the Republican Caucus. He had command of the situation and the facts. Remember the sneers at Barrack Obama that he was a novice?

Well here is an idea for a Grass Roots Progressive Action Plan!

Why not reciprocate? That’s right why not have Sarah Palin address the Democratic House Caucus! To give her equal treatment just like when Obama spoke to the Republicans, have a question and answer televised session after! No teleprompters! After all unlike Barrack Obama who was a “mere community organizer”, in Sarah Palin we have an intellectual power house! We have John McCain’s word on that! See The video below.

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