Democrats Letting Republicans Define Health Care Issue

I wish President Obama could be as determined on the issue of Health Care “change that we can believe in” as he is in fighting the war in Afghanistan! But then again look at his limp responses to:

  • Creating jobs.
  • Stimulating the economy especially in Green Technology and Infrastructure.
  • Regulating the Credit Card industry so the banks don’t pay back their TARP on the backs of consumers! Did our President ever hear about the concept of “Usury”?
  • Addressing the issue of the income gap between Middle Class Americans and the top 2%.
  • Corporations forcing average Americans to finance the interests of the Corporate Collectives via hidden taxes on goods and services to subsidize their K-Street lobbying!
  • Outing members of Congress, both Republican and Democrat, from their cushy K-Street closets! They should be shamed in public by the President. Rather then the continued Liebermannization of Congress!

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