Alvin Greene To Debate Sarah Palin

Yes it is scary that Alvin Greene has won the South Carolina Democratic Primary. I would love to see a debate between Alvin Greene and Sarah Palin. Amazing that Sarah Palin was running for Vice President, an office just a heartbeat away from succession to the Presidency! Yet the right winger’s whined that Sarah Palin was being asked trick questions such as:

  • What news papers do you read?
  • What is the Bush Doctrine?
  • What is your foreign policy experience?
  • Well Alvin Greene is not a parochial hillbilly with just limited knowledge of South Carolina!

    Alvin Greene can see Georgia from his house!

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    Fox News Media Bias: Moveon.Org Fights Back

    Now finally the Democrats are standing up to the right wing propaganda machine! I have always believed, even from the time of the Vietnam War, that if there is news media biases it was pro-conservative! If you were around then you would see the news media first present a “flag burning” then a Republican hawk would wrap himself in the flag and attack the flag burners. The subliminal message being “If you are against the war and OUR PRESIDENT then you are against America”! You rarely saw a non-flag burning anti-war demonstrator yet they were the majority.  Well in this era Fox News seems to believe they own America. Thank God they were not around during the Vietnam War. I am sick of their self righteous, birther, tea bag waving ways.

    Thank God President Obama mustered some testosterone to go on the offensive.

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