Pro-Republican News Media Biases

Pro-Republican News Media
Biases Yet again more pro-
Republican News Media
Biases! Senator McCain has
stated that he would follow
Osama Bin Laden to the
gates of hell. Yet he will
not go after him in this
world in his Pakistani
mountain hideout! Barrack
Obama has stated over a
year ago that if we had
creditable intelligence as to
the location of Al Qaeda in
their new Pakistani
homeland we would attack
them even without
permission from Pakistan.
(See video below). Oh the
self righteous
conservatives and even
Hillary Clinton attacked him
on this. Yet this week
President Bush has said the
same thing! Well I guess
that puts to rest the
Republican argument

Governor Palin A Member Of A Subversive Party?

Governor Palin A Member
Of A Subversive Party?
Sarah Palin has been friend
and possibly a MEMBER of
thought the Civil War
ended the secession issue!
Their website lists their
ultimate goal to be
independent of the United
States! Can Sarah Palin
take the oath of allegiance
to America, the Oath of
Governor and the Oath of
Vice President of the
United States of America if
she was a member of the
Alaskan Independence
Party? In the video above
she addresses their
convention of these
secessionists who place
She wishes them “good
luck” and “keep up the
good work”! Why not just
say “NO to

Republicans Celebrate “Family Values” At Convention

Republicans Celebrate
“Family Values” At
Convention Let me be clear
I have no desire to see
Sarah Palin or her family
injured due to the fact that
her teenage daughter is
pregnant from pre-marital
sex! However the issue is
how Governor Palin and
her fellow travelers in the
“family values” Republican
Party use smear and fear
to win elections then deal
with their own hypocrisy!
First let’s have a big
round of applause for
“abstinence education”1
Perhaps if the Alaskan Air
National Guard which Gov.
Palin commands should fly
over Alaskan high schools!
Apparently conservatism
does not make them frigid
in Alaska! I am NOT making
fun of the kids involved but