Harry Reid Is Right About Obama

On Tuesday Ed Schultz went ballistic about Senator Harry Reid’s comments concerning President Barrack Obama not being forceful with the Republicans. <See video below>. Yes Ed Schultz is correct that Senator Reid should have been forceful himself long ago. None the less I am tired of playing “make believe” about Barrack Obama! I voted for Obama because I just loved what the right winger’s were saying about him!

From listening to these Republican lovers of the corporate collectivization of America you quickly learned they were scared of Barrack Obama! They claimed he was going to use his considerable rhetorical skills to usher in the new Socialist Motherland in America!  Hell he has barely used his rhetorical skills in the Presidency. He is no FDR, JFK or Ronald Reagan! And as for the laws he has passed, they are so watered down and wimpy they fit his signature! –  MEOW!

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Obama And The Economy

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Many Liberal talk shows are alarmed that Obama may be turning into a fiscal conservative! (See the video below). Amazing, we can launch two wars that are not paid for and at the same time cut the taxes for the rich! Then naturally we should worry how we can fund a national health care plan. Somehow I think we have our values mixed up.

We must face a crucial assumption that the massive amounts of political campaign contributions have “tamed” even Democrats to avoid. We must face the issue of wealth concentration in the hands of a few!

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Obama Sinks As He Alienates Base

President Barrack Obama on his never ending quest to destroy the mandate given to him by the silent majority just doesn’t seem to get it! His polls are down so low you would have to borrow a BP Gulf Robotic Submarine to go lower and then even then you may not reach that low! All of this is because he wants to hug and cuddle Republicans who are on a mission to destroy him and our party!

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Base To Obama: Stop Listening To Republicans And Start Lecturing

My advice to Obama is the opposite of what Sarah Palin said at the Tea Party convention! I have had enough of Obama trying to get the Republicans to come on board. We won they lost – REMEMBER! I am sick of letting Joe Liebermann and his fellow travelers, the blue dog Democrats destroy the mandate of the American people! President Obama has fallen right into the Republican trap. They knew it would work even before he took office. How is that?

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Democrats And Progressives – A Call For Action

President Barrack Obama did an excellent job speaking to the Republican House Caucus. He requested that the cameras keep rolling during the question and answer session that followed his speech to the Republican Caucus. He had command of the situation and the facts. Remember the sneers at Barrack Obama that he was a novice?

Well here is an idea for a Grass Roots Progressive Action Plan!

Why not reciprocate? That’s right why not have Sarah Palin address the Democratic House Caucus! To give her equal treatment just like when Obama spoke to the Republicans, have a question and answer televised session after! No teleprompters! After all unlike Barrack Obama who was a “mere community organizer”, in Sarah Palin we have an intellectual power house! We have John McCain’s word on that! See The video below.

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Obama’s Speech Is A Start But Not Aggressive Enough

Frankly I am feed up with Democrats being so airy faery when it comes to taking on Republicans. Can you imagine that the Republicans were actually stealing the issue of being middle class defenders against big corporations and Wall Street?

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Massachusetts: Yo Obama It’s Your Fault

Americans love “action figures”. George Bush Jr. did not even have a majority when the College of Electors  gave him the presidency in the 2000 election. Gore had the popular vote regardless of Florida. But Bush became an “action figure” when the issue was terrorism. So what he invaded the wrong country, Iraq! Americans love ACTION! His action, even wrong action, gave him a second term. Hell even the liberal MSNBC was re-airing the invasion of Iraq with all our “shock and awe” technology to it’s liberal audience well into the second term of George Bush. Then the issue was the economy and jobs. The Republicans preached what George Bush Sr. called “voodoo economics”. The same hands off economics of Herbert Hover. Obama promised “change” he presented himself as an “ACTION FIGURE”. Below is a video, not from a politician but an average American whose frustration and anger I agree with 100%. Thank you Justin for the video!

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Democrats Letting Republicans Define Health Care Issue

I wish President Obama could be as determined on the issue of Health Care “change that we can believe in” as he is in fighting the war in Afghanistan! But then again look at his limp responses to:

  • Creating jobs.
  • Stimulating the economy especially in Green Technology and Infrastructure.
  • Regulating the Credit Card industry so the banks don’t pay back their TARP on the backs of consumers! Did our President ever hear about the concept of “Usury”?
  • Addressing the issue of the income gap between Middle Class Americans and the top 2%.
  • Corporations forcing average Americans to finance the interests of the Corporate Collectives via hidden taxes on goods and services to subsidize their K-Street lobbying!
  • Outing members of Congress, both Republican and Democrat, from their cushy K-Street closets! They should be shamed in public by the President. Rather then the continued Liebermannization of Congress!

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Right Wing Attacks Obama’s Bow To Emperor

While our President is being criticized for bowing to the Japanese Emperor, the mistake might be on the Japanese Emperor’s side in not bowing back. Bowing is a Japanese custom and President Obama was in his country. But bowing can also be from a “commoner” to a monarch and by not bowing back the Emperor made the Obama bow mean the latter. But then again Obama did the same to the Saudi and even British monarchs! It must be remembered though that the monarch is the flag of that nation unlike a President.

The right wing is having a field day with this sign of respect.

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Republicans Against America

The Republicans were so happy when our nation lost it’s bid for the 2016 Olympics. (See video below). They even rejoiced saying Barrack Obama had lost his charisma! But their glee was short lived when our President received the Nobel Prize for Peace! You would think they would stand behind our President especially in this time of war! No instead they stand behind the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who ship our jobs and technology to distant shores, often the enemies of America. They support Halliburton which has transferred it’s Corporate HQ to Dubai and whose subsidiary has caused the death of our soldiers by electrocution due to faulty base construction! But they rather target ACORN since that “sinister” organization is registering new voters that are not influenced by K-Street targeted ads.

Visit msnbc.com for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

Where is the old mainstream news-media while our nation gets bashed by these America bashers of the right wing?

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