Nov 30

Howard Dean And Denis Kucinich Point To Obama

The time is now coming when Democrats and Progressives are just getting tired of President Obama and his Audacity of Impotence! This is not the “Change We Can Believe In” that drew us to the polls! Recently on two separate Talk Shows both Howard Dean and Dennis Kucinich stated that Obama had better wake up and take the lead!

The issue is not that Obama did not get his legislative agenda passed! The issue is that President Barrack Obama has not used the Presidential power of the bully pulpit to restore Camelot and launch a day and night Holy War against the Republicans and their corporate minions! Listen to Howard Dean below.

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One commentator said “the Democrats where chastised and defeated after the recent election loss of the House”!

WRONG! The Democrats where defeated and acting chastised after wining a stunning victory in 2008! Under Obama they have never “recovered from their 2008 victory”!

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Nov 30

Say It Ain’t So Chuckie Schumer

Just when you thought the Democrats could not get any wimpier, Charles Schumer comes to the rescue! Senator Schumer wants to compromise on the letting the Bush Tax Cuts to the rich stick! Just listen below to his puny logic!  Meanwhile FoxNews doesn’t even accept his compromise!

Senator Schumer’s logic is beyond me. Listen to him above, like he is on the side of the middle class.  Just another wimp for Obama!

He wants to only increase the taxes on those who make over one million per year. He then labels these people as “millionaires”.

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Nov 28

Senator Bernie Sanders And Howard Dean In 2012

Want to destroy “Change We Can Believe In”? Then keep supporting Barrack Obama and his game of “playing progressive” inside the Corporate Sandbox! No more bull! As liberals and progressives the time has come stop making excuses for this looser! The time has come to stop denying our gut reactions! I had that first reaction within just a few months of his taking office. The issue then was should we wait to let the Bush Tax Cuts for the rich expire or kill them immediately! What a missed opportunity to ride the rage of middle class America! Instead Obama gave his first “meow”! Then there was the weak job stimulus package! Then the summer of the Tea Party going unanswered!

We Progressives had a national grass roots army that Barrack Obama demobilized because he wanted to use the bully pulpit of the Presidency to conduct daily readings of Dale Carnegie’s “How To Make Friends And Influence People”!

  • A real Democrat would have used the Presidential bully pulpit on a daily basis to rally Americans against the Economic Royalists of corporate America!
  • A real Democrat would have called out the base that elected him to demonstrate for tariffs and the return of blue collar AND white collar jobs to America!
  • A real Democrat would launch a “Holy War” to to reduce the income gap in this nation that is destroying our middle class!
  • A real Democrat would not “play” progressive inside the confines of the corporate sandbox!

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Nov 25

Does North Korea Believe Obama Is Weak?

President Obama has allowed two years of non-stop Republican bullying to go almost completely unanswered! Now we have to wonder has this wimpish behavior not only hurt the progressive agenda but may actually pose a security threat to the United States? North Korea is hell bent on developing nuclear weapons! They may have already! This week they have performed an act of war against South Korea!

We deploy about 29,000 troops in South Korea. These troops levels are not high enough in themselves to stop an invasion of South Korea by North Korea! However they would stop a “rational” enemy as long as we retain a “psychological deterrence”! But that requires “image credibility“. That is the issue!

Can Obama’s Image Credibility Sustain The Nuclear Trip Wire Defense

Let me explain how this relates to President Obama and his endless study of Dale Carnegie to win right wingers and influence people!

Our troops are placed in South Korea in a similar manner as they were in West Germany prior to the fall of the Soviet Union! It was well known that their lower numbers meant they would be over come by a military attack! Since we could not allow that to happen we would then use “tactical nuclear weapons” to repulse a massive conventional attack. This was well know to the Soviets. Our troops constitute what is termed a “nuclear trip wire”. The danger is the adversary may miscalculate that we would “blink” in a showdown!

It is essential for our national security and to avoid a war that the enemy does not perceive us as weak willed. Many of those who read this blog may suffer from “Dale Carnegie Syndrome”! There are people in this world who are just plain evil! Being nice till you are blue in the face will not avail. This holds true with right wing nut jobs and the external enemies of America!

While the Republicans are not Hitlers they are playing “bully” with Barrack Obama. The only way to deal with a bully is to stand up to him. North Korea constantly tests our resolve. They did it with prior Presidents. But Obama gives the “perception” of weakness with the Republicans! The problem is that North Korea is watching!

President Obama’s “Image Creditability” can be detrimental in several ways not only to the Progressive Agenda but to the world!

  1. The Republicans may try to shut down the U.S. Government because they perceive Obama to be weak. Many Republicans believe they could have won in the 90’s if they held out. Since Obama is perceived by them as weaker they may be even more determined!
  2. Worse the Republicans can try to shut down the Government by not authorizing the funding of the national debt! This would cause a global financial meltdown!
  3. North Korea has now advertised they are enriching uranium on a massive scale. They may perceive Obama as weak and may thus MISCALCULATE! The issue is not simply if Obama is weak, the issue is his image credibility! Our troops lives depend on it! I don’t know who is worse! The Republicans for playing bully or Obama for his gutless response!

Mr. President go to your library and throw out all your books by Dale Carnegie! “How To Win Friends And Influence People” is not going to help you with the Republicans! Worse your making the North Koreans think what we Progressives already know, that you are a wimp! The Republicans don’t read “Dale Carnegie” they read “Andrew Carnegie”!  The North Koreans read Stalin! Wake up Mr. President!

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Nov 18

Support Our Social Betters

"Republican Party Elephant" logo

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NOTE: Mr TeaBag is a guest Conservative Contributor  🙂 to this Progressive Website!

Oh I hear all these worsey liberals wanting to repeal the Bush Tax
! Just look at all the great job growth we had since these Tax
Cuts where put in place! No it isn’t the end of the world if your job was shipped overseas to China! You can get a job by joining the Army and go to Iraq and search for WMD! That is if you are not a welfare queen. So hurry up the slots are limited and the time is running out thanks to the job killing President Obama who wants to end this enterprise!

Middle Class Americans should stop whining that their jobs are being shipped overseas to China. After all it is the rich not the middle class that are the “producers” in this society! They work so much harder than you and me! They are so much smarter than you and me to make such great “innovations” that advanced our economy like “derivatives”! They have to make decisions like:

  • Should they ship my computer job to India or China?
  • Should they ship blue collar jobs to China, Mexico or maybe Vietnam where they still have all those dominos lying around!
  • Should they make a matrix with some  blue collar jobs to Vietnam while some go  to China! Also where do the white collar computer jobs go in this matrix!

This is all to complicated for me! My social betters are so much brighter at these things!

That is why they sent our young men in the 1960’s and 1970’s to fight in Vietnam while they made money! Now that we showed them we can invest in Communist Vietnam and China! The middle class invests it’s young men to die in Vietnam and the corporate class now sends it’s stock investments to Vietnam! Let’s all stand and sing “The Republican Corporate Internationale”! When the Chinese latter take our technology and become a threat to us our social betters will be there to invest their untaxed capital back from China and Vietnam into American defense contractors while middle class Americans can invest their sons and daughters in the military!

This is a win –  win solution! Only elitists like Obama and his tofu eating, tree hugging, fellow travelers would believe differently!

Keep The Bush Tax Cuts For The Rich

Heck 47% of US households don’t earn enough to even pay federal income tax! I guess that is because nearly the majority of Americans work for small business! These workers should be grateful since they don’t have to pay federal income tax! Besides if they were overpaid like those in larger corporations then their jobs would be off shored! Competition is good! Only worsey limp wristed liberal whiners are afraid of competition!

I am just so proud that I have the “FREEDOM” to walk out my door each day to compete for jobs against Chinese and third world nations while my social betters can walk out each morning to their mailboxes and get their inherited millions in dividend checks! But they don’t just get income from million dollar inherited estates! No they work as executives and they EARN in one day what I have to work a year or more and they are entitled to it!  They create such useful products as “derivatives” and job off shoring! They assist Iran and China in acquiring American military technology!

Well maybe if those worsey liberals would give them a bigger military arms market at home then they would not have to sell our technology off shore! Jokes on you pinko liberals! Guess what is going to happen when China gets stronger and poses a threat to us? Ha Ha we will then have to reward  investors with domestic contracts! But why shouldn’t they make a profit? They are Global Corporations! And anyone who says they shouldn’t is against FREEDOM!

Despite the way we mistreat our social betters look at how they help us!

They contribute to political candidates to keep America FREE of commie union  pinkos! I am just so proud that when I purchase gas for my car, pay high interest rate credit cards or pay my health insurance premium I am assisting my social betters to fund their freedom loving K – Street operations. My entitlement is to subjugate my interests to the  interest of the CORPORATE COLLECTIVE!

I just love Rand Paul!

By letting the top 2% –  the “producers”, keep more of their hard earned money we can have the satisfaction of knowing they can invest more in China! This is the patriotic thing to do! After all the top 2% deserve what they earn. That is their entitlement! Middle Class Americans need to know their place! Instead we hear these worsey tofu eating, home oh loving liberals with the ideas that OSA, Social Security and medicare are entitlements! Damn! Middle Class Americans you should  Know your place! We don’t need any of these to be free!

So what if we then finance those tax cuts by not extending unemployment benefits to those American middle class blue and white collar workers whose benefits are ending this December!

When I worked for AIG in the 1980’s we had each December what was called “re-org”! Ah yes December in AIG was that festive time of the year when we took stock of being productive so we could best serve our social betters! Some lost their jobs even in those good times but it was to serve the Corporate Collective!

That is what “freedom” is all about!

The worsey era of Franklin Delanor Roosevelt is over!

FDR said that “men who act from necessity are not free men”! He was wrong! Our social betters know what is best for us!

By extending the Bush Tax Cuts for the top 2% and letting unemployment benefits run out, these slothful workers can learn the “FREEDOM” that comes from serving the corporate collective at lower but productive wages and “compete” on a level playing field with Chinese workers!

Now Obama and his tofu eating pinko friends are thinking about raising the taxes on our social betters!

They will only make the rich more fearful!

I would rather work a few more years before retiring by raising the age for social security so that my social betters can have their well deserved tax break and live without fear!

I would rather loose my job and my house than have my social betters fear of getting a tax on their millions! I would rather they cut Medicare and live in fear of not getting my medical needs met than let my social betters FEAR an increase in their taxes! –  After all they work so much harder than me! I wouldn’t even know what a derivative is!

I am just so PROUD that my social betters (our nation’s producers) have FAITH in me to compete against Chinese low wage blue and white collar workers that I want to reciprocate my FAITH in my social betters!

Under President Eisenhower, back in the good ole days of the 1950’s we had a Progressive Income Tax of 91% and yet we still had millionaires! I want to return to those days because I have “FAITH IN MY SOCIAL BETTERS” AND I WANT TO RETURN THEIR FAITH IN ME TO SURVIVE IN COMPETITION WITH FOREIGN WORKERS!

We need to end the politics of fear! That is why we should not make our social betters fearful or they being the producers will ship high tech white collar jobs and blue collar jobs overseas!

Just like we don’t want to make rich boys like George Bush “fearful” that if they finish their mandatory enlistment duty in the National Guard they might have to serve with Gays! I don’t blame Bush for not finishing his National Guard term as he might have to serve with a Gay guy! That would be scary for a warrior!

We have to take “fear” out of politics and anyone who says differently is an elitist!


Mr TeaBag 🙂 is a conservative  guest contributor on this otherwise liberal website! To see more of his writing visit: (political satire with paradoxical intention) 🙂

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Nov 17

Introducing Mr TeaBag

"Republican Party Elephant" logo

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In the interests of fair play I will have a conservative Republican as a guest contributor on this blog. – YEAH RIGHT! Actually this will be a humorous name or pseudo-name where I will use “paradoxical intention” to poke fun at the stuffy self righteous Republicans!

So enjoy as I rip into their self rightousness with my own 🙂

Remember I am using PARADOXICAL INTENTION in the tradition of Steven Colbert! Well I cannot be as good as Steven Colbert at making fun of the right wingers but I want to give it a go! 🙂

So look for an occasional post from “Mr TeaBag”!

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Nov 15

Can Democrats Get In Touch With Their Inner Plebeian

Remember when Democrats were talking about letting the Bush tax cuts for the rich die out instead of repealing them immediately? Now they have morphed into such wimps that they may keep them for the rich for years or permanently! Then again it was in those same early months of the Obama administration that we had the National Pork Bill passed. Obama even said it was filled with pork but that it was created by Democrats before he took office! Great leadership Mr. President!

Denying The Rage Of Our “Inner Plebeian”

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Nov 13

Obama’s Idealism: Presidential Asset Or Liability

I understand where President Obama is coming from! I just wish he would recognize he is facing Republicans not fellow Democrats. This is not “silly season in politics” when right wingers, in their arrogance of self entitlement, talk about second amendment solutions! Nor when the Texas Governor hints at secession! But then again we had a former Governor of Alaska give a speech to the Alaskan Independence Party just months before she became McCain’s running mate!

  • Where was the news media to attack Sarah Palin for this?
  • For that matter where was Obama and the Democrats?
  • Why didn’t Obama wave the flag in the face of secessionists?
  • Why didn’t Obama call for “law and order” in response to Michele Bachmann and her treasonous calls for rebellion against the democratically elected government of the United States of America?

Can you hear the “MEOW”?

When will Obama wake up? Change comes about in society not simply by passing laws but when the President acts as “Pontifex Maximus” of the nation. He defines the issues of our times as Franklin D. Roosevelt and JFK did and even Ronald Reagan though for Republicans! This requires that Obama not resign as “Campaigner in Chief”. Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 12

Republicans Place Party Before Country

Former President George Bush has revealed in his new book that Republican Senate leader, Mitch McConnell wanted Bush to withdraw troops in 2006 in order to help the Republicans win the Congressional Elections! Then they have the audacity in public to say such decisions should be made by the military!

These fellow travelers of Halliburton attacked Democrats calling us “cut and run”. In the Presidential elections two years latter they wailed at Obama for being a weakling and his so called “cut and run” strategy! They whined that we would leave America unsafe if we left Iraq early! Yet George Bush actually reveals they were willing to do it for their own political gain!

(In the video clip above Keith Olbermann discusses this)

Now take this new “revelation” (no Armageddon intended) in conjunction with President Obama’s “Turn The Page” strategy and the Republican declaration that they are going to launch endless investigations of Obama! The Republican, soon to be committee chairman, said Obama is corrupt yet he has not even started any investigations!

Obama’s “Turn The Page” Strategy Is A “Cut And Run” From “Change We Can Believe In”

Are Democrats trying win the wimp of the century awards? My God we lost thousands of troops, we invaded Iraq on false pretenses and this war combined with the Bush Tax Cuts have destroyed our economy! Yet all we hear from our Democratic Party members of Congress is a pathetic whine of powerlessness and no guts to go on the offensive against the right wing!

Being a liberal and seeking to be honest let first me list two points in Bush’s favor:

  1. Saddam Hussein did act like someone who had WMD. He kept “playing” the investigators.
  2. When Bush was tempted by Senator McConnell to withdraw troops for political gain then President Bush  not only didn’t but started the surge! Bush may have been stupid but this does show he acted in good faith. He did not do what we liberals wanted but he acted against his own political advisors! This point should be kept in mind no matter how much we dislike Bush!

But we are not running against Bush but Senator McConnell and his fellow travelers! They preached the surge but advocated the opposite and solely for political gain!

Where the hell are the Democrats? This is a great attack point!

Yet all we hear is this pathetic “meow”! Granted President Obama is out of the country but talk of keeping the Bush Tax Cuts for the rich seems to find it’s way out of the White House but no attacks on Senator McConnell or demands for investigations as to how we entered the Iraq War in the first place!

If Bush did actually believe there was Iraqi WMD his fault  is that:

  • He kept us there year after year after we won. Nation building was not supposed to be our aim!
  • He did not investigate the intelligence apparatus to find how we made the mistakes or he was to predisposed to believe in WMD.
  • We wasted lives by staying and some military contracts may have had unethical profits attached to them.

We will never know with out Congressional investigations and the Senate can still do it! But instead Democrats have resigned to be wimps!

This is the charge of the castrati brigade! Why don’t Democrats seize on McConnell’s statements and run with this? Why cannot we play the “patriot game”? Why don’t Democrats demand a constitutional amendment to block corporate money in elections! Why should we pay, in the form of higher costs for corporate goods and services, for their political aims? These are issues that have a populist appeal. But Democrats have no testosterone. Can you hear the MEOW!

I am tired of this policy of cut and run from change we can believe in!

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Nov 10

Work Longer And Delay Retirement To Support The Rich

It is bad enough that the Republicans want to destroy social security but now the commission appointed by President Obama wants to raise the retirement age, cut Social Security cost of living increases, cut Medicare and make college student pay more for student loans. Then again you have to wonder why college kids should have to pay anything with all the hot air we have concerning the need for education in this globalization economy and off shoring!

I BEG you to listen to this speech by President Franklin D. Roosevelt below!

Ask yourself why don’t current day Democrats quote this speech and make it their our cry? Could it be they are too weighed down with corporate contributions and resign to “Play Progressive” inside the confines of the CORPORATE SANDBOX? FDR spoke about the evils of the “economic royalists” yet his sound advice is not known in this era of corporate democrats! As I hear him I feel I have reclaimed my heritage as a Democrat and even more as an American!

The reason why Republicans are so brazen is not simply that they have won the House back but because Democrats can only “play” progressive inside the confines of the CORPORATE SANDBOX! Republicans know this! In prior posts I have quoted how they could not get elected in this media savvy age without heavy corporate financing! I listed sources for key Democrats including Barrack Obama! But wait the fun has just begun! Now the Supreme Court has defined corporations as persons! They can go on a spending spree!

Will Obama Stand Up To His Own Commission And The Republicans?

Can you hear that pathetic Obama “meow”? When will Progressives go on the offense and warn Obama that he can be dumped in 2012! I am one of those who believes he should but more on that in another post!

The words of FDR are as relevant today as they were in his era! I wish President Obama would listen. President Obama has not pushed “Change We Can Believe In”. The issue is not that Obama faced the party of no but rather that he lead Democrats to be the party of “meow”! The issue is he resigned as campaigner in chief!

What is worse is that many could loose heart. That is what conservatives want! Below Keith Olbermann tells it like it is concerning Obama’s Commission. But if you have time for only one video PLEASE listen to FDR above in this article. I also list an FDR short speech on the top right if you have the time.

We need to stand up for the Middle Class! We have to confront certain fundamental issues that Democrats are to weak to discuss! Democrats will whine in terror of raising the issue of Class Warfare yet allow the American Middle Class to be called non-productive. Not to mention it is fine for Republicans to divide us by race and sexual orientation! In this era when Republicans will attack the accomplishments of the New Deal that saved the middle class and wimps in our own party wish to become their fellow travelers, we need to face up to this fundamental issue below!

FDR And The Economic Royalists Of The 21st Century


Sure we want to create incentives. We “permit” the market to do it’s thing but then comes the time for reality!

Some will say that the rich produce jobs! Well how come 47% of American households earn so little they are below the threshold to pay federal income tax! No the better jobs are in the civil service or unionized or both! Some islands do exist in the private sector but they are being off shored and that includes white collar jobs! This is not a blue collar issue anymore! Ask any computer programmer!

Sure we want to give executives incentives. But even our nervous system has a balance with a “parasympathetic” and “sympathetic” nervous systems. We have “arteries” but we also have “veins” to return the blood. We in the middle class have to many negative incentives while our social betters enjoy only the positive incentives! Sure we all want to be millionaires and I do not object to those who contribute to our society attaining that status over some years or a  lifetime! We don’t want to get into setting the salaries of each employment niche. Thus our society suffers some to make millions per year! But the time has come to realize they did not fully earn it!

Worse is that many on the top (not all) point the finger at the middle class and insist that:

  1. We are not productive enough and thus  ship our jobs overseas.
  2. Bringing in foreign H1–b workers to lower the salaries of high tech workers is fine since America does not have enough technically skilled employees. –  Bull.
  3. College kids should have loans at a  higher interest rate. After they steal the jobs these students study for they whine Americans don’t want to take the harder subjects in college. They whine that “Atlas Shrugged”. But burden “Atlas” with higher loans and interest.
  4. Middle Class Americans should work longer on a daily basis and over a life time to support our social betters! – No way!
  5. The most pressing issue of our time is to give tax breaks to these effete snobs of privilege. Naturally liberals who don’t agree are “elitists”! Democrats are such wimps they allow the label to stick. Remember how they labeled Obama an “elitist”? His response, “meow”!
  6. Health Care is a privilege not a right! We have lived our lives to serve our purpose! That is to serve our social betters!

By following their elitist policy the members of the American Middle Class lose their “Individual Freedom”. We are to lives of servitude to the CORPORATE COLLECTIVE in the service of our social betters!

President Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “men who act from necessity are not free men”!


Sure we want incentives but if you are middle class and have “SELF RESPECT then you must question why anyone should be earning more than triple your salary without a cure for cancer, heart disease or aids!

Middle Class Americans – The Silent Majority have incentives too! Fear of losing our homes, our jobs and our health care! Time for the elites to “share our incentives”!

But don’t worry Obama’s response to his commission will be a firm “MEOW”!

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