Tale Of Two Americas

The current crises on health care reform illustrates a fundamental problem in our democracy! Our democratic processes are being interfered with by Corporations that act as Duchies within our borders. They collect taxes to support their agendas from the Middle Class. The issue in this century is not Soviet style “Collectivization” but Corporations practicing “Collectivization” and the subjugation of “Individual Freedom” to the needs of the Corporate Collective! Listen to Rush Limbaugh below explain how Republicans want to “fix” America with their wealth redistribution program.

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First I actually do resent someone having far deeper pockets then my fellow Middle Class Americans! I resent the rich paying out larger sums of money to their special interest groups. Their voice is thus larger than mine! But it is even worse! They are not satisfied with the fact that they earn more than the President of the United States yet have no where near the responsibility of the American President! They are not satisfied that they can out spend my Middle Class political contributions to my social causes! No they want to dip their lazy hands into my wallet and force me to subsidize their political agendas and class interests!

How do they do this? When a “Corporation” makes a contribution where does that money come from? It comes from a reduction in services to patients if it is a Health Insurance Company! It comes from reduced wages to their middle class employees and higher prices for their goods and/or services!

Imagine there are two independent City States! In the “Blue City” they have two relevant laws:

  1. One person one vote.
  2. One person one unit of influence in the democratic process.

In the “Red City” They have a different law!

One dollar = one vote”. Thus votes = dollars! These two systems cannot co-exist. One will overturn the other in the long run!

Imagine if we were to live on an island nation with 1,000 citizens of voting age and 40 of them controlled a majority of the money! But that was not enough control for these 40 persons. They then had laws passed that allowed the corporations they owned to make “contributions” to political causes! Well it isn’t just this mythical island nation.

We need to ask some important questions:

1. How many citizens would this island nation have since the corporations are now citizens?

2. Why should the real citizens of this “Island Nation” now have to make de-facto contributions to advance the agenda of their social betters? This is done via reduced employee earnings and increased costs of the corporations goods and services. Why not keep their rich hands out of the wallets of Middle Class employees! Or is my function simply to serve my social betters?

3. Why would legal prohibitions against corporate contributions be a violation of “free speech”? Yet this is what many Republicans and their fellow travelers, such as the blue dog Democrats argue. Do my social betters have the right to dip their hands into my meager middle class wallet to collect money for their class agenda?

4. When a “Citizen” in this society goes for a job why should the job interview be not simply a test of the “individual’s” skills for the job but actually a ‘psychological test of his/her ability to subjugate his “individual aspirations” to the needs of the CORPORATE COLLECTIVE? Really who gives a krap about how the company did in it’s last payment of dividends to share holders?

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President Obama should unleash Joe Biden as in the video above, to be the attack dog if he wants to be “Presidential”.

Now don’t misunderstand what I am saying. When an individual applies for a job they should be willing to give a days work for a days pay. But as one who has worked in corporate personnel offices, I find it laughable that an applicant should be judged on their knowledge of the corporation’s payments to investors! Perhaps the corporation just made a huge outlay in building a new plant or gave a salary increase to it’s employees. What about my interest? MY INTEREST IS NOT ALWAYS THE INTEREST OF THE INVESTOR! Yes they can overlap but not always!

I resent when corporate personnel recruiters measure an interviewee’s willingness to subjugate their self interest and instead identify the profit of the shareholder as their self interest! They then label this as the employee’s intelligence! The hell with the fact the employee is disposable like toilet paper after he or she has served the corporate collectives purpose! What is this called when the corporate collective demands the subjugation of the individual’s self interest to theirs? Why it is called “FREEDOM”! Yes the freedom of the corporation to subjugate the individual. That is why they don’t want a European style health care system as we would gain real freedom from corporate collectivism!

I am sick of Republicans whining how they are for “The Individual”. i am sick of wimpy Democrats who don’t address the REAL underlying issues here.

It is bad enough that my interests must be subjugated to the Corporate Collective as an employee but t now I am asked to do so as a citizen! What ever happened to the 2000 version of “John McCain” and his war against K Street? I would prefer to give members of Congress a large raise rather than see them be infected with corporate contributions and gifts! We need to “match” individual contributions to candidates and not just one for one. Democracy is worth it! Else our political processes are infected!

I have asked the following rhetorical question in my posts before but it needs to be presented over and over again!

Do you believe we should give African Americans compensation for the work of their slave ancestors? While I sympathize with their injustice I do not believe our society can undo the past. But here is my point! What contributions to our society has Mrs. McCain made to America that justify her 87 million dollar inheritance from her ancestors! Again the President of the United States only makes $400K which is less than half a million. Yet he has far more responsibility than any corporate Executive. But here we have someone who did not even work as a CEO (at least initially) and gets this huge windfall from the work of an overcompensated ancestor while the work of slaves does not get passed on! Again I am not calling for back payments to the ancestors of slaves. My point is that in a society of equals one should rise or fall on their own merits!

Health Care brings this issue to the front. Universal Health Care is not a privilege it is a RIGHT! The time has come for a new “Social Contract” in America that will end the Middle Class Squeeze. No one wants to stop people from “Saving” to become millionaires! But the time has come to speak the truth. No one deserves an annual compensation package worth multi-millions while the President makes only $400k. We naturally RESENT when some one makes far more money than we do. We put that resentment aside when the person is a doctor or inventor. We do so up to a point!

But we the SILENT MAJORITY of Americans who have SELF RESPECT realize no one is making a contribution to society that merits such large salaries as some of these executives.

Barrack Obama is missing the whole point in the health care debate! As President he controls the “pulpit” of American politics. He is not using it.

  • He should be attacking the elitists day and night! You know the folks who called him an elitist!
  • Barrack Obama should be attacking the insurance industry and shaming both Republicans and Democrats who whore to their corporate contributors  at the expense of the public good.
  • President Obama should declare and amnesty to both Republicans and Democrats who became the whores of K Street. We need to have small contributions geometrically matched by a public funding to elections. Let the corporations give to the general fund! This will serve the public good not the private good. Time to build on the wealth loss to foreign lands that serves the social elitists in America!

Oh dear we would not want to do that what would Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh say? When will the Democrats stop throwing chocolate kisses at the Republicans and realize this not “Silly season” in politics but a real culture war that we Progressives must take seriously!

No one is against investors making money. But when I hear the rich “whining” that they are the “producers” my blood runs hot! Why didn’t the Republicans say the rich are the “Producers” in the last election?

Instead they tried to label Obama as an elitist while they engaged in the defense mechanism of reaction formation and projection of their own elitism!

We live in the richest nation on earth. Yet our jobs and wealth are being shipped overseas to serve the Corporate Collectivists! They tear down the American flag from their ships and register them under foreign flags! They ship their American created investments and our jobs overseas, not to mention even our military technology! They do this frequently even to the enemies of America for a buck!

The time has come to end this Middle Class Squeeze! Oh dear put our class interests first? Open your eyes and you will see that the Republicans and their fellow travelers have placed their class interest above the United States of America! They sing the “Corporate Internationale of Globalization” while they demand our loyalty! Where is their loyalty to America and the nation that gave them birth, incorporation, profits and protection? Don’t worry when the enemies of America build up their military after receiving help from these Cut and Run Capitalists, who do you think will rediscover their American identity? When there is a buck to be made they will return. Naturally they should not have to serve in the military.

We Democrats must stand up and stop the Republicans and their campaign of fear.

When the Government becomes weaker it does not translate into more freedom for the Individual! Rather the “bully” moves into the vacuum. That bully is the Corporation that has no loyalty to the Individual, nor to America. I believe every employee should be told on what day into the new year their earnings will equal the earnings of the lead executives on the first day of the year! Many will finish the year while not even making what their CEO made the first day! Yes this is the “Freedom” the Republicans want for Middle Class America! No we cannot regulate salaries but we can have Universal Health Care and a fair progressive income tax!

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Instead of creating a fantasy about President Barrack Obama’s birth certificate what about George Bush’s record of completing his duty in the National Guard?

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