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When I was in high school in the mid 60’s I was very conservative. Then a funny thing happened! I turned 18 and realized I was going to have to put my life where my big mouth was! You see back then we had a thing called “The Draft”! I have noticed to many are more then willing to send America’s Sons and now Daughters to fight a war so long as their loved ones are not a part of it! Politics became very important to me when I realized it was my butt on the line.

I attended college in Missouri. Wow what an experience. There I was exposed to populist ideas. My college had a large group of military students who befriended me in my hippie days! There was a merging of both conservative and liberal ideals. That merger continues even to this day in both my religious and political philosophy!

Some of my posts may have you believing I am a raging left winger! Absolutely not true! I would consider myself a liberal but a NON-politically correct liberal. I will not bore you with Vietnam era politics except as to the extent our nation has not learned the lessons of that era. Both liberals and conservatives have to learn from each other, just as I did while hiking at night with both my hippie and military friends back in my college days in Missouri! Latter I served in the Army Reserve. Yes it is true I did not initially want to! But unlike George Bush I PROUDLY did my part and even earned awards. I attended to all my requirements!

Was I a hero for this? Hell no the poor guys who served in Vietnam where the heroes! I remember some of my college Vietnam Vet friends who would night hike with myself and my hippie friends. They would have us do a “mock surprise ambush” on them so as to readjust to civilian life. These guys were Southerners who wanted to regain their love for the forest without fear of attack! Both groups would become as kids in the dark woods of Missouri! I learned a lot from them and always respected them. But I also believed they HAD to believe in the then prevailing war else their pain would have been in vain. I believe their pain was not in vain but the war was!

Now as an older male I can see how some of our young males and now woman are being USED by politicians. Not by the military. The military simply follows the civilian leadership! I never met an officer who I did not respect! The stupid idea by some that the military is made of fascists is simply not true! We must never again allow “patriotism” to be used as a political tool by the right wing nor masochistic self hate of America as a weapon by the PC left.

This blog deals with political issues from a middle class populist perspective! We are the true Silent Majority! We are of all colors and faiths. We are not the super rich, nor the Al Sharptons of America!


I hope you will remember this slogan as we examine the many issues we face today in the political life of our nation. One of my favorite books when in college was “The Greening Of America”! I believe our nation needs a “Third Consciousness”! A consciousness that respects the past but demands corporations be held in check from destroying human life! I love to use “paradoxical intention” to make fun of both pompous conservatives and even my fellow liberals! Yes I do sometimes get carried away. Please forgive me. Not all corporations are evil! But their rules of engagement bring out the worst in them. That is where our Society must step in. Not to destroy the corporation but to preserve individual freedom!

Liberals need to learn a lesson from conservatives.

When dealing with the enemies of America if you don’t KICK ASS then you are KISSING ASS! Our nation will never accept ass kissers nor masochistic hate America rhetoric. The problem today is Republicans are kicking the wrong asses.

What is the difference between PC Liberals and Republicans?

  • PC Liberals want to apologize to the enemies of America!
  • Republicans see things differently. They don’t want to apologize to the enemies of Freedom especially in China, THEY WANT TO INVEST IN THEM! These CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS ship our jobs, military know how and future to the enemies of America while the PC liberals apologizie to the enemies of freedom.

The Middle Class is caught in the middle! That is why I am writing this blog!

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