Vice President Cheney, Family Values And His Pregnant Gay Daughter

I see no problem with the Vice President’s daughter being Gay and wanting to be a single mom. Recently Wolf Blizter, an anchor on CNN, asked the Vice President about his daughter being both Gay and a single mom. The VP got annoyed, refused to answer and told Blizter he was out of line.

Isn’t it amazing how these elite have two sets of values. They rant and rave against gays and try to push a constitutional amendment to define “marriage”. Yet they have no problem with a single mom who is Gay when it is one of “THEIR CHILDREN”!

While I agree that the VP’s situation should be handled respectfully and tastefully, none the less he is a GOD DAMNED HYPOCRITE when he does not speak out against Republicans trying to use Gay Marriage as a wedge issue to cover up their failures in Iraq. Sure it is hard on his family. But the man is in the public limelight and this country has made him rich and given him it’s second highest office. Why should he be isolated and feel safe while many Gays have to be persecuted by Republicans who seek to build wedge issues to cover up their failures. Meanwhile the VP has said that we are having enormous success in Iraq! Now isn’t that a queer thing to say! Vice President Cheney needs to accept reality both abroad and at home. He should tell the Christian Right to just SHUT UP.

Oh they talk about us Democrats using “fear” tactics as if marriages are breaking apart due to the conversion of one or both partners in their sexual orientation. The Vice President and his fellow travelers of effete snobs would due better to out law divorce if they want to protect the American Family. Though I should not write this as I suppose some in the wacko religious right would like to do that also!

Perhaps if the VP were not so latently ashamed of his daughter he would tell the religious right to shut up instead of Wolf Blizter!


Read about the incident on the Fox News Website.

See CNN Website for the VP’s delusional rants that we are doing great in Iraq.

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