Astronaut Scandal: President Bush Uncovers “SINISTER BAGDAD CONNECTION”!

We are all aware of the latest scandal involving the alleged NASA Astronaut love triangle affair. Aren’t there psychological profiles done of astronauts to prevent this?

Thank God for President Bush who has discovered a sinister “BAGDAD CONNECTION”!

President Bush, who has implicit faith in our NASA program and the methodologies used to recruit Astronauts, has acted quickly. This has involved an American intrusion into Chinese airspace to find correlating evidence.

Our beloved President immediately went into action when he heard of the alleged love affair involving the astronauts. President Bush announced it was not the woman astronauts fault but rather her evil twin unknown sister from Bagdad, who is a member of the notorious “BAGDAD BLUE JINN”.

President Bush went into action and dispatched commando teams into the remote mountains of Tibet. Chinese authorities immediately protested this incursion into their territory. The Chinese arrived first and captured a solo American Major who turned out to also be a NASA Astronaut.

President Bush demanded the IMMEDIATE release of Major Roger Healy! According to President Bush this is worse than Iraqi WMD. Major Roger Healy, according to President Bush, is not an American spy but an American Astronaut who is the only person who knows about the Astronaut’s unknown evil twin sister from Baghdad and it’s evil BLUE JINN! Major Healy was blinked there by the evil BLUE JINN when he became aware of her desires for the astronaut crew chief!

The sudden emergence of this Astronaut love triangle provides ample reason why our nation must continue to fight in Iraq. Forget about Al Qaeda retaking Afghanistan! President Bush now wants us to fight the new terror from Bagdad! THE EVIL BLUE JINN!

Well do you have any better reason why we should remain there after

  • No Iraqi WMD were found!
  • The Iraqi people do not even want us? Poll after poll finds they believe it is ok to shoot us!

Yet Bush talks about a blood bath if we leave Iraq yet doesn’t give a krap about DARFUR! If you believe in the continuation of the Iraqi Operation maybe you should join President Bush and see his Doctor Bellows!

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