Separation Of Corporation And State

When is the American middle class going to wake up and demand the separation of corporation and state! We must address this issue before the health care issue. The problems passing real health care reform are mere symptoms of the underlying disease that is infecting the “decision making processes” of our society! That disease is the lack of Separation between Corporation and State!

QUESTION: But wait we still need 60 votes in the Senate. Talk all you want but that is the bottom line.

ANSWER: Forget it we will never reach it “under these conditions”. When a general fights a battle he chooses the battlefield to maximize his chance of success! Because Barrack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are such wimps they will continue to fight under the enemy’s definition of the battle conditions. President Obama must go on the offensive calling for Real Election Financing Reform and he must SHAME on a DAILY BASIS those Senators that do not go along with it. We must ban all corporate contributions to candidates – PERIOD! This issue must become the overriding agenda in our nation and Barrack Obama must take the lead in this. Forget about this “starter house” analogy that some are floating! Excuse me but are Senators Joe Liebermann, Ben Nelson, Mary Landrieu and others going to disappear or change their votes to add the public option to this “starter house”? The answer is without election reform nothing is going to happen!

The American President is the “Pontifex Maximus” of our society and as such he can “define the issues” facing our society. By constantly campaigning and speaking about key issues with force he could change our society for the better. Instead he concentrates on pleasing Senator Joe Liebermann, Senator Snow and Senator Nelson! What President Obama should be doing is constantly alerting the American public to the influence and contributions of corporations on our political process. He must arouse public outrage that they are subject to “Taxation Without Representation” as these corporations are taking money out of the pockets of middle class Americans to finance their self interest via reduced services and/or higher prices!  The average American is having their “INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM” subjected to the will of the Corporate Collective!  This is indeed “Taxation Without Representation”. Our society and it’s political institutions are being undermined by the lack of Separation of Corporation and State!

In order to achieve victory in this battle President Barrack Obama should give both Democrats and Republicans a “face saving mechanism” to come out of their “Corporate Closets” confess their K-Street contributions and support a real campaign financing law. When pulling politicians out of their K-Street closets he should publically make it clear that it was alright that they took contributions before because that is the way the system worked. If they did not then they could loose elections! Everyone has corporate money on their hands and they had to. But now is the time for action! Even Republicans must be given this freedom to break from their past if we are to have real election reform. Some might at least vote for real campaign reform if they face the threat of being shamed publicly, forcefully and constantly!

I have a proposal for real campaign finance reform! The problem with the prior campaign financing law is that candidates needed more money and I agree! Just ask John Kerry who ran low on funds when confronted with the swift boat attack ads. Besides small war chests lead to 30 second ads which by nature must be negative. We need candidates to make ads along the lines of infomercials like Ross Perot did years ago! We need an informed public not mob rule or corporate plutocracy!

A Proposal for Real Campaign Financing Reform!

First since corporations are so eager to make contributions I would insist they continue! But now it would be to a central fund for all candidates! All candidates could take up to $150.00 from individuals. These contributions would then be amplified by a “multiplier effect” that would be uniform and universal. Let’s say for a start by a factor of ten! Both the individual contribution to a candidate and the “multiplier effect” are not to be set in stone especially since inflation could render them meaningless. Corporations could still present to Congress their “logical” arguments but only the people should present money. Why must I be taxed in the form of higher prices and/or reduced services by corporations to finance their K-Street operations? We must have the Separation of Corporation and State! Tax the corporations to finance real campaign financing. They paid the money to support their agenda’s now let them support the public good.

Because of the lack of separation between corporation and state we will never be able to address the issues that are vital to the middle class! Instead our society will exist only to foster the growth and happiness of “our social betters”! You know “the producers”. I wish in the last election they would have used that elitist terminology instead of pretending to be champions of the middle class! Without the separation of Corporation and State we will never be able to address the issues facing America’s middle class!

  • Employment off shoring of both White and Blue Collar jobs to third world nations and sometimes even to nations that could be our enemies! No problem here for corporations since they have no loyalty to America only to themselves!

  • The paying down of Bank Tarp funds by raising the interest levels on credit cards to usury levels! Why should the middle class be subject to USURY?

  • Wasteful Government spending on contracts without oversight and competition.

  • Real Health Care Reform not Insurance Cartel Protection.

  • Job security for both white and blue collar employees!

  • Becoming more like Germany where employees have eleven week vacations! We can never compete in production with the slave labor from third world nations nor should we!

The current dilemma with Health Care Reform will never be resolved if the battle is fought on the same battlefield! This is not “Change we can believe in”! By becoming such wimps the Democrats have lost the confidence of the American people and the progressive base of the Democratic Party! The Senate Bill shows the true values that drives them. Instead of taxing the rich for the Senate’s  watered down bill, middle class Americans who have so called “Cadillac Plans”, will be taxed. Thus setting Middle Class Americans against Middle Class Americans while the rich laugh on. Yes this is the “Change We Can Believe In”!

The American Middle Class likes “Action figures”. We had the attack on 9-11. Like it or not Bush presented “Action”. The issue then changed to the economy and Barrack Obama presented an “Action Agenda”. He won! Now he is presenting the image of a wimp! But then again Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid had control of Congress for two years prior and they acted as wimps!

Did Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid:

  • Try to Impeach George Bush?

  • Did they hold constant Congressional hearings to taint the Republicans concerning how we wasted lives and money in Iraq while Al Qaeda ran free from Afghanistan into Pakistan?

  • Did they try to set the national agenda to address the issues of K-Street and the need for Separation of Corporation and State?

No what instead we heard is one long pathetic “MEOW”! Now Barrack Obama has joined them in their mantra of helplessness! What do they want now to have 80 Senators before they can act?

Americans want ACTION FIGURES! President Barrack Obama must make daily use of his rhetorical skills to achieve the Separation of Corporation and State.

We can no longer answer the “Party of NO” with the pathetic “Party of MEOW”!

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