Politics Of Impotence: Saga Of George Bush And CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS

Today Iranian President Ahmadinejad gave a speech that sounds more and more like it was “Made In North Korea”. How can it be that just a few years after the fall of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War our nation, the most powerful on earth, should be faced with the spread of nuclear weapons and our Middle Class lifestyles eroded. Further unlike the Soviet Union which at least harbored a healthy respect for our nuclear deterrent, the new generations of nuclear kooks have no such mental disciplines. While North Korea does not want to go on a world conquest spree, they are more likely to sell or even give their technology to other rogue states and worse to Islamic terrorists!

Just look at the “religious” celebrations that occur in Iran where men walk with swords and cover themselves with their own blood! Just picture these nice religious folk with nuclear weapons! Meanwhile China continues to rise, the product of CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who transfer our technology to their society.

Let’s be clear. I am NOT against the Chinese. Hell I am even a student of Tai Chi and Qi Kung. But I frankly do not want to live in a world where nuclear terror can be unleashed at the blink of a button, as we had under the cold war! This 60’s hippie grew up in an era where “ethical relativism” was an axiom! Well as an American lets apply this same “feels good philosophy” as our standard for foreign affairs and military strategy. I believe in PAX AMERICANA! If we live in a world where some nations strive to have dominance over the world in which I live then would prefer MY nation to have military dominance of harmful technologies! Unless I can expect the hand of Providence to stop incoming Chinese nuclear missiles or the destruction terrorist WMD in our Homeland I believe we MUST act to reduce these threats. There seems to me to be a lot of hypocrisy occurring on both the left and the right!

The Neo-Cons have placed us in a “social engineering experiment” in Iraq. Under Bush this campaign of IMPOTENCE has side tracked our military deterrent. Meanwhile Afganistan is being devoured by the Taliban and the Iranian nuclear issue is not being addressed. Our success lies with our advanced technology. Let’s face some hard facts:

  • We lost over 3,000 troops and I don’t want to loose one more for this waste less war.
  • However to the Ahmadinejad’s of this world 3,000 deaths mean NOTHING!
  • We must face the inconvenient truth that in this world there exist people who are not nice! They don’t care what type of karma they receive for being fanatics! They will therefore win if the “playing field rules of engagement” are who can sustain the most casualties in a hand to hand war. Hey they get the 72 Virgins!

Therefore it is IMPERATIVE that we maintain our military technology! Now before you think that I am a right winger let me remind you about George Bush and his fellow travelers. You know, THE CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS!

You see there is a difference between the dogmatic liberals and conservatives. While the liberals want to apologize to the enemies of our nation with their endless whining how we are the cause of all the world’s problems and that we should embark on a national program of throwing sugar kisses at the enemies of freedom, the Republicans see the enemies of America differently! Republicans see the enemies of America as “INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES! Just look at these CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS outsourcing our technology, jobs, wealth and future to dictatorial regimes such as communist China! Hell they even want to share our technology for profit. They want to help Beijing with internet censorship! No doubt ETHICAL RELATIVISM has it’s profits! They aid the same China who just recently test fired a weapon system that shot down one of their satellites’! These CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS are sacrificing our capacity for “shock and awe” for their own class profit. Just look at the Dubai ports deal. They placed their “portfolio security” over our “National Security”!

Let me use some of their own conservative lingo here. We live in an age of “licentious permissiveness” where George Bush and his “fellow travelers” have more loyalty to their economic class then to our nation! When China becomes a global super power and her military with it’s far larger population can wage both a hand to hand war and a technological one, guess who will come a running to make a profit when we must spend huge sums of money for Military R & D?

Guess who will “rediscover” their American identify from the “global identity” they now profess? These same CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS! Their professions of loyalty to America and our way of life are as serious as a VD laden whore “MOANING” during a cheap $15.00 trick!

I am a latter day hippie and a politically incorrect liberal. So let me not forget our friends on the left. Again as I mentioned in prior posts, why do liberals yell “star wars” when our military investigates anti-missile systems yet they advocated the creation of giant solar sails in space that would collect energy and beam it back to earth? Just imagine what would happen if there was a tilt of angle by a fraction of a degree! Yet recently our military has shot down incoming missiles in tests. Also China has temporarily blinded one of our satellites with a laesar and shot down one of her own satellites’. Yet we don’t hear criticism of the Chinese!

The time has come for the Silent Majority, America’s great Middle Class (and those who aspire to be) to assert ourselves and take back our heritage and nation. God Bless America!

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