North Korea: A Lesson To The Starving People Of Darfur

North Korea which has counterfeited American currency and whose economy is in total ruin, is going to join the export to America wave! Darfur should take note of this! What are the North Koreans possibly going to produce that they can export to us? Why “PEACE IN OUR TIME”!

In return for not violating the treaties they already accepted, North Korea is going to restrain it’s Nuclear ambitions in return for TRIBUTE FROM AMERICA! Thus Bush and his fellow travelers will become “enablers” of the North Korean regime. I hope the poor starving people of Darfur, who never threatened us and are fighting alone to survive the ravages of Islamic fascism, learn a lesson from George Bush and his fellow travelers. Bush meanwhile rants about what would happen if we left Iraq where we had no business being in the first place!

Well Mr. President if the news media where to treat the carnage of the Iraqi Civil War as they have treated the GENOCIDE IN DARFUR then we in America would not be troubled. We would hardly even know about it! If we want to fight Islamic fascism, what about the genocide in Darfur Mr. President? Now to justify the lack of Iraqi WMD we are doing the very “nation building” that we were promised would not occur. No WMD so tie us down in a NEO-CON SOCIAL ENGINEERING EXPERIMENT!

QUESTION: What is similar to Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and why?

ANSWER: George Bush’s service record in the National Guard. Like Iraqi WMD neither can be found!

Back in the 60’s this now bald hippie remembers how conservatives would lecture liberals, drawing lessons from the fall of Rome allegedly correlating to our “permissive” society. Rome fell, according to these noble pundits of immortal truths, because her society became weak within rather than follow her Stoic past. The Romans paid tribute to the Germanic barbarians to the north. Might I ask what are we going to do with North Korea? No I don’t want to see another Korean War. But here is an idea. Suggest to the Chinese that they undermine the present regime in North Korea and replace it with a new communist regime! Our intent is not to take North Korea out of Beijing’s sphere (though that would be nice) but rather to make them less a threat.

Perhaps it is the conservatives who need to understand “the lessons of history”, as they so nobly lectured us 60’s hippies! Just observe China where CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS demonstrate their loyalty to “Portfolio Security” over “National Security”. Here they and their lackeys in the Republican Party co-opt out for the “FEELS GOOD” solution of a quick buck even if it means the loss of our technology. You know the same technology that they so proudly called “SHOCK AND AWE”.

The time has come for the Silent Majority: America’s great Middle Class (and those who aspire to be) to stand up and take our nation back from these effete snobs of corporate America who are even ashamed of their American identity. These new globalization elites!

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