Bush Discovers The Border – Iraq’s That Is!

President Bush, the author of the neo-con social engineering experiment in Iraq, has just now realized that Iraq’s borders are open to infiltration. But then again so are the borders here at home.

As I said in this blog before, imagine Germany three years after her defeat and militias still roving around the country in 1948! Bush wanted to have a WW II victory on a post WW I commitment! If we defined victory as a WW I style victory and had placed a Barth Party LE (light edition) regime in charge of Iraq, we would not have the instability we have today in Iraq! Globally the creditably of our “Military Deterrent” would have been enhanced rather than “quagmired”! We would have demonstrated our “shock and awe” with the concurrent threat to rogue regimes that they too could be overthrown! Rogue regimes do not fear their replacement by a democracy but rather they simply don’t want to be replaced – PERIOD! Besides there were no Iraqi WMD and Bush stated “Mission Accomplished”!

Under Bush the issue seems to be changing to one of powerlessness. It isn’t a question of can we win in Iraq! We can! But at what price and is that price in our national interest! Listen to Bush in his recent speeches and you hear the new lexicon of “benchmarks”! Only a year ago Bush and his fellow travelers were saying such terminology gave aid to the enemy! Meanwhile Muqtada al-Sadr has crossed into Iran. Yes that is a plus for our war effort. But he should never have been allowed to have a militia nor an influence in the Iraqi government. After WW II did we allow any parties to participate in the provisional governments that were not democratic in nature themselves? We allowed no private militias! Worse we seem to want to blame the Iraqi’s! Did we hand over control to the West Germans with sectarian militias roaming the streets of Germany?

Bush wanted to create an environment for the transmission of democracy to Iraq. Instead Bush provided the learning environment of an American inner city school where bullies run the playground and there is no discipline in the class room! George Bush acted as a liberal inner city junior high school principal in his role model to create the learning environment of democracy in Iraq! So what lessons are being learned! Then since he wanted a WW II style victory on a post WW I style commitment, Bush turned his back while Iraq never had enough troops in the occupation to begin with! NO I AM NOT A HAWK!

After 9-11 we needed to take “decisive action”. Afghanistan was a good choice for that action. Maybe even Iraq if we had kicked butt then left as I mentioned above! That would have sent a powerful signal to Iran. I believe in the original Bush Doctrine. That is to take “preemptive action” against rogue nations that are developing WMD. Some would have us believe that Iraq is where we need to to take decisive action forever. Under Bush I don’t see any decisive action now taking place there nor do I want it to. But if needed we MUST use “shock and awe” to prevent rogue nations from developing nuclear weapons! Prolonged ground troop occupation in not generally needed if destruction of WMD and/or quick regime change is our mission.

Throwing sugar kisses at the enemies of America or playing the “let’s blame America” game will not cut it with the Middle Class. Nor will sacrificing our brave sons and daughters in a war that does not benefit our national interest. Islamic Fascism you say? What about Darfur? And they say the news media is pro-liberal in bias! If Bush and his fellow travelers are so concerned about our troops why do they allow the bleeding of our shock and awe technology to China? Not to mention our loss of jobs and the trade deficit. Just think how that is damaging the perception and creditability of our military deterrent.

How many of America’s middle class sons and yes daughters will die in future wars, while Bush and his fellow travelers profit from globalization! Our National Guard does repeat tours in Iraq while Bush skipped his weekend tours. The time has come for America’s Middle Class (and those who aspire to be) to reassert ourselves and take our nation back from these effete snobs! God Bless America!

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