Rudy Giuliani: A Danger To Our Constitution

I would describe myself as a Lou Dobbs Democrat. I just want my readers to understand I am not a conservative nor a PC liberal. I don’t represent Dobbs in this blog but my own opinion. I get a laugh when I hear Rudy Giuliani described as a “liberal”. But what worries me about Giuliani is his reaction to the 9-11 disaster. He wanted to extend his term of office! Using conservative jingo I think we need “to learn the lessons of history”! Any one remember Adolf Hitler and the “Enabling Act”! Please understand I am NOT accusing Rudy Giuliani of being a Hitler! But we must not allow our Constitution to be weakened by terrorists. Furthermore Rudy Giuliani was not essential to the national security nor the security of New York City.

In the midst of WW II the British had elections and changed Prime Ministers within twenty – four hours! Our nation has survived the assassination and death of President Kennedy during the Cold War and we survived a civil war!

Rudy Giuliani also is very confrontational and a blabber mouth! What did he do that was so great after 9-11? Yes we needed someone to talk tough and who wanted to kick butt! I have no problem, unlike some of my politically correct fellow democrats, saying that. But what would Rudy Giuliani do if he was President and we had a terrorist attack? Suspend the Constitution?

I do not want to give to Rudy Giuliani power that even the terrorists don’t have. Namely to destroy our democracy! Its bad enough Afghanistan has a record opium production and Al Qaeda is making a comeback there! With our borders wide open and no one wanting to do a damn thing about it in either party, the last thing we need is someone who is an opportunist!

As I mentioned I do not believe Giuliani wants to deliberately hurt our nation. But his actions would by laying precedents that a future Nixon could exploit in a crisis! We cannot allow precedence’s to be set that would damage our way of life! Rudy Giuliani you will not be America’s Julius Caesar! The “quick fix” is how Rome lost her Republic!

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