Cut And Run McCain

Just hours ago the Senate held a session concerning the Iraqi War Resolution. Senator McCain felt it was more important to attend his political campaign in Iowa! Senator McCain is a paradox. On his positive side McCain has done:

  • More to fight K Street than most in Congress.
  • He is a war hero and deserves respect.
  • He subscribes to the “Mac Arthur Doctrine” whereby he believes you must be decisive before you commit American troops to war. Also this doctrine holds that while you may give the enemy some initial time to think it over, ultimately wars must be fought to WIN. It is wrong to send our troops without using the full technological might of our nation to achieve victory! I totally agree with him on that point. The problem is that this war in Iraq is not in our national interest!

However McCain has fallen under the spell of George Bush. We are now into this “support the troops thing” with Bush and his fellow travelers pontificating on what supporting our troops means. The problem is that polls show the troops want out and why shouldn’t they?

National Guard units have been sent on repeated and extended tours of duty. Yet our Commander In Chief never attended all his REQUIRED weekend and summer drills.

Finally let me pose this question. Let’s suppose that the polls are wrong and the troops really do want to stay there! Fact is they don’t control military policy – our nation does! I realize that in war troops have to “create” justifications to give their lives meaning in such a terrible situation. None the less the military is an extension of this nation not the other way around!

From time immemorial we males have the archetype of the Grail Quest in our psyche! It is an honorable archetypal quest and a drive to be a “Knight – Warrior”. Concurrently this is harnessed by every society, sometimes for wasteful ends. Worse by fanatical societies for evil ends! Our nation is not evil. After 9-11 decisive action was needed. Certainly there is no end to the civil wars we can send our Grail Knights to in this world. But as older Americans we must stop letting Bush harness this good archetype in our youth for his political ends. We have other fish to fry in the war on terror.

Perhaps Bush, McCain and the Democrats should send our troops to OUR BORDER to seal it up. Has anyone noticed that Afghanistan is producing record opium crops and is slipping back to the Taliban and Al Qaeda? Let’s not allow Bush to Katrina the War on Terrorists!

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