Senator Biden Has Two Good Ideas Concerning Iraq

Today Senator Joe Biden recommended rescinding the “authorization act” that gave us this Iraqi situation! While the news media gives Biden’s measure no real hope of passing, I feel this would be a better method of dealing with the war than using the power of the purse. Gee I wonder what ever happened to the idea of “Sunset Laws” when they made the original authorization! Senator Biden has long been an advocate of creating an Iraqi Federation composed of three federal provinces, one each for the Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds. According to this scenario Bagdad would be inside of a “Federal District” similar to our District of Columbia! Ultimately I guess even Bagdad could be separated with the “Green Zone” being neutral. The natural resources, especially oil, would be under the national government.

Again let’s not fully blame the Iraqis for this mess! Our President who never secured our borders didn’t secure the Iraqi border! Thus we have the flow of weapons on a massive scale into Iraq and not just from Iran! We turned over the government to the Iraqi’s far too early without first securing their nation when we had control. But then again we should have never stayed there in the first place! If that were not bad enough Bush tried to “make believe” a western democracy could be built there on a shoestring. Bush turned his eyes away from the militias being formed. Did we allow a Conservative Militia in Saxony and a Socialist Militia in Bavaria to form under our occupation of Germany after the war? Because of Bush’s obstinacy many will now come to believe America is impotent militarily when in fact we simply got committed to the wrong battle field!

If we use Senator Biden’s suggestion, making a peaceful divide now while Iraq still has the chance, bloodshed can be reduced when we leave. When we leave the government of Iraq will be under the Shiites.

No nation can have segregated military units from separate religions. Then there are the Kurds who don’t speak Arabic and are happy as hell to stay home in their region. This is the one area that shows promise. They made that progress themselves BEFORE we came as they were autonomous since the first Iraqi War! The only reason they are not completely independent is that our so-called ally “Turkey” does not want the Kurds to have a nation. You remember Turkey, the nation that changed its mind the last minute and stopped our troops from entering the north of Iraq from their territory!

I think Senator Biden’s plan of a federal union should be implemented now. Political parties should be “licensed” on the condition that they have no militias and support co-existence! Democracy is not a consensus of mullahs or militias. It is not simply by voting, but requires a Constitution and respect for law!

With militias gaining access to military uniforms and even constituting army and police units there cannot be respect for a non–existent law in Iraq. Senator Biden’s “Federation Proposal” is the only answer rather than using the power of the purse to withhold funds! Concurrently Congress should do extensive hearings on how our money is being spent on military equipment and the intelligence gathering that lead to this war rather than cutting funds.

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