Romney DOA For The Religious Right

I am not a member of the religious right nor am I a conservative. But I would love to see him get the Republican nomination just so the right wing will self-destruct in the November 2008 election. Aside from the fact that he dances the “flip-flop” on issues like abortion and Gay marriage, he has another problem with the religious right. Most of you reading this know he is a Mormon. That would not stop me from voting for someone if they also held my popularist democratic views. But the Christian Right will NEVER accept him. Let’s dissect the conservative movement for a moment on a religious dimension for this analysis.

  1. Conservatives who are atheist or agnostic. Mormonism not an issue. His issue Flip/flopping is an issue.
  2. Conservatives who happen “also” to be mainstream Christian or Jewish. Mormonism not an issue. His issue Flip/flopping is an issue.
  3. Conservatives who are Christian fundamentalists and whose conservatism flows from that religious perspective. – Serious problem here besides the flip/flopping.

Aside from the fact that Governor Romney flip-flops relative to his constituency which destroys his credibility with all three conservative groups above, the last group “Christian Fundamentalists” view Mormons as Anti-Christian. The reasons for that are deeper that you might think.

The “Christian Right” is “Christian” first and conservative second. Now I have no problem with calling Mormons “Christians”. But then again I am a liberal Episcopalian and frequent New Thought Churches and even have practiced “TM”. In the view of Christian Fundamentalists, Mormons have certain beliefs that make them incompatible with Christianity. Furthermore Christian fundamentalists would more likely vote for a Jewish candidate than a Mormon. The reason is they don’t feel “religiously threatened” by Jews. Have you ever heard of Jews claiming to be Christians? Do Jews try to convert Baptists?

Mormons have anti-Christian beliefs if you are a Baptist. Besides believing in a second set of scriptures they have further beliefs that would make a Baptist vote for a practicing Gay before they vote for a Mormon. These beliefs are:

  • God has a wife who is our Mother God. And you thought Baptists were hard on Catholics for ST. Mary?
  • All good Mormons who are married will one day become the God Father and Mother of a new universe.
  • The God of Christianity besides having a wife was once a mortal in another universe and rose to become a God and created this universe.
  • The ultimate Deity is far beyond Christianity.
  • The Mormon Church is the “Only” Christian Church. That is why they keep gemological records, because if you convert, then you can sanctify the marriages of your ancestors. They will not be able to proceed to become Gods themselves but then at least they can live in paradise with this universe’s God. (The Christian God and His Wife).
  • Mormons must proselytize! They do so on a massive scale.

While most of the Mormon beliefs I listed above might be off the mainstream they are a fatal to a candidate who wants to court the Christian Right. Most people only know that Mormons have a second set of scriptures. But these latter beliefs will be made known by the leadership of the Christian Right to their flocks as this election heats up. What is really funny is that Mormons have almost the same view as Baptists on social issues. But I believe you will NEVER see the Christian Right back Romney especially after the leadership of their churches speak up on these religious differences!

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