Democrats Letting Republicans Define Health Care Issue

I wish President Obama could be as determined on the issue of Health Care “change that we can believe in” as he is in fighting the war in Afghanistan! But then again look at his limp responses to:

  • Creating jobs.
  • Stimulating the economy especially in Green Technology and Infrastructure.
  • Regulating the Credit Card industry so the banks don’t pay back their TARP on the backs of consumers! Did our President ever hear about the concept of “Usury”?
  • Addressing the issue of the income gap between Middle Class Americans and the top 2%.
  • Corporations forcing average Americans to finance the interests of the Corporate Collectives via hidden taxes on goods and services to subsidize their K-Street lobbying!
  • Outing members of Congress, both Republican and Democrat, from their cushy K-Street closets! They should be shamed in public by the President. Rather then the continued Liebermannization of Congress!

(In the video above Robert Reich does a good job defining the real problems with the weak Democratic Health Care Bill)

I don’t want a public option I want Universal Single Payer Health Care for all! I would accept a “private option” in the form of partial vouchers to those who desire to opt out. Naturally States should be able to “Opt Out” of the “Private Option”! 🙂

Actually the “REAL ISSUE” is corporations having the right to take MY MONEY from my premiums and use it to lobby in their interest. Bad enough the CEO’s of Corporate America have deeper pockets then the Middle Class American to finance their candidates but that is not enough! They want to dip into MY POCKET! Oh yes what is the Republican term for this subjugation of the individual to the Corporate Collective? Why Republicans call it “FREEDOM”!

When will Obama, Reid and Pelosi get some guts to stand up for the Silent Majority? (Remember that old Republican slang?)

President Obama does not seem to care the ground is slipping from under his feet!

  • Yes he did save the economy from a Bush generated Depression but because of his timidity the Democrats will get blamed for the resulting budget deficits that are needed to correct Bush’s idiocy.
  • The Stimulus package was really not targeted enough for Green Technology and Infrastructure job creation! Let’s be honest!
  • Most Americans don’t realize Health Care costs are going to sky rocket! Any increases will now be blamed on the Democrats if the bill passes! That is why it needs a robust public option!
  • President Obama has countered the Party of “No” with the Party of “MEOW”

The Republicans want to drive a wedge into creating two Americas!

Enough is enough. For God sake get some spine!

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