To Arms the British Are Coming – No Going!

Well actually while the British are pulling out from Iraq they are sending other troops to Afghanistan. Maybe that is a lesson President Bush should ponder. Al Qaeda is growing stronger in Afghanistan and now even in Iraq’s Al Anbar province. This was one of the first provinces our troops overran. To bad we got involved in a neo-con “Social Engineering Experiment” in Iraq.

Bush is doing a “Katrina” on the War on Terrorism! Hell I was initially for the war until two events occurred.

  • No Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction where found.
  • The Bush Flip/Flop concerning “nation building”. Now we are bogged down trying to build a democracy.

The real tragedy of this war is that many people are starting to believe that our nation has only two choices. We must fight to place a democratic government in Iraq or accept that we are powerless outside of our borders and in the eyes of the world.

Neither choice is correct. Every good general knows his army’s strengths and weaknesses! Given the level of troop deployment we are currently willing to use, including the “so-called” surge, then I propose the following for our national self analysis:

  • STRENGTHS: Shock and awe! We can really kick butt just so long as we have a defined enemy and we don’t have to concern ourselves with the aftermath of rebuilding the nation we defeat. Place a friendly Junta in power that will give all the niceties of being pro-democratic but leave the threat of our superior military technology to kick their butt in the future if they don’t behave.
  • WEAKNESS: Given the level of troops we are willing to deploy then an occupation and extensive social engineering experiment is not possible. Our society does not have the stomach to take those who oppose us and simply shoot them. This would be better left to surrogates. That is also why an extensive occupation is not desirable!

We could achieve victory in Iraq even in the current situation. The issues are:

  1. Is it in the national interest? Why Iraq and not Darfur with the genocide and Islamic fascism taking place there?
  2. Are we willing to reinstate the draft and increase the occupation force to say 600,000 troops?
  3. Are we willing to remove EVERY militia in Iraq as we should have done prior to turning over the government to the Iraqi’s? Yes it is our fault not al-Maliki. Did we leave SS troops in Germany?

Let’s face some “Inconvenient Truths”.

To win we are facing people who are not very nice. They use electric drills to torture their victims. They don’t care about their karma but rather the 77 Virgins! Do we have the guts to create a necktie party in Iraq? If not then maybe we should just butt out of Iraq as Afghanistan and Iran are where the danger is. Finally if Iran needs decisive action maybe our nation should return to the good ole days when the CIA with some hired cut throats could effect regime change in a nation like Iran. If non-military covert actions did not do the trick then our strength at “Shock and Awe” should be used. Mr. President, know your goal, know your ability and capacity to commit. Only then take decisive action. In the case of Iraq we won! No WMD! Want to fight Islamic fascism, why not Darfur?

If and that is important, if Iran is developing nuclear weapons she must be stopped. If we cannot do it by covert action then our superior military technology must be utilized. If Iran tries to wage war against the world’s oil resources then we must not simply attack their military but their economy without occupation. They must be blasted into the Stone Age if need be.

Liberals must face this inconvenient truth, that in war we fight to WIN. Any other objective is defeat! That is a lesson Bush, with all his bravado has yet to learn! President Bush has done a “Katrina” on this nation’s war on terror. We are in the wrong theater and we are only using half measures! Time to get redeploy from Iraq! Time to seal our borders!

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