Iran: An Inconvenient Truth – A Populist Perspective

The time has come for a populist perspective concerning Iran and Iraq. Today Iran’s President announced his nuclear program is like a “train with no brake”. While Bush squanders our troops and finances on Iraq, Iran has been working on it’s own nuclear weapons program. Oh I can hear the chorus from the politically correct, “what right do we wicked evil Americans have to tell a third world nation what to do”! Yes I am a liberal democrat but I am tired of:

  • The overt anti-American attitude from the left and
  • The covert anti-Americanism from the right.

Let’s not forget the corporate aristocracy of the right.

These folks have no problem trading our technology and jobs to China. The problem is that Iran does not have an equivalent economic or population base as China; else these parasites from the corporate world would be investing in Iran! For now they are satisfied with government contracts in serving our military in Iraq while helping China build her economic base in the east.

With Iran’s smaller economic base, corporations from second rate nations like France, Germany and Russia will have to do the investing in Iran! Makes you wonder maybe we should not always be mad at these nations. They suffer from the same parasites as we do! Only their parasites are harming our national interest in areas where “our parasites” see insufficient profit! While I am against the War in Iraq, I support the “Bush Doctrine”. I just wish George Bush would follow his own doctrines. But then how can he support his own doctrine to pre-empt attacks on our homeland when after six years in office, and despite the terror attacks of 9-11, our nation’s borders are wide open!

We cannot allow third world nations to develop nuclear weapons – PERIOD! The average middle class American turns on their TV only to see constant images of Shiites whipping themselves into a frenzy and drawing their own blood while calling this a “religious experience”! Can you imagine these people having a nuclear weapon? Even without a full grade nuclear bomb they would be capable of launching acts of nuclear terrorism using reactor materials! Besides the 77 virgins are waiting!

Our national strength lies in:

  1. Covert action to topple Iran’s leaders and
  2. “Shock and awe” technology. You know the same technology that the Cut and Run Capitalists have no problem exporting to China!

Extensive use of ground troops is not one of our strengths because this involves higher losses.

Furthermore military occupations require the use of executions. This is a fact of life that does not penetrate the minds of the diners at Vegan eateries! We don’t live in a nice world folks! Sometimes decisive action is needed. Problem is that Bush is really indecisive as militia’s should never have been allowed to form in Iraq. Now we want the Iraqis to do the job that Bush had no guts for! We should have left Iraq long ago. Iraq is not the battle field for the war on terror.

A Middle Class populist perspective demands that both the masochistic PC liberals with their “hate America guilt trip agenda” and the “Cut and Run Capitalists” who want to export our jobs and technology to the enemies of freedom, be simultaneously challenged in our political arenas!

These nut cases in Shiite Iran and Sunni Al Qaeda don’t care about running up “bad karma”. Why should they when they can get the 77 Virgins! The Cut And Run Capitalists who export American jobs and technology don’t care about the damage to our society either! They will lie down in bed with China to curb freedom on the Chinese internet. I believe that is what is termed “ethical relativism”. You know the term that is lobbied at democrats! Cut and Run Capitalists don’t care that these practices endanger our way of life. They don’t even want to identify themselves as Americans but as “Multi-Nationals”.

The time has come for America’s great Silent Majority – The Middle Class (and those who aspire to be) to take our nation back from these effete snobs of both the left and right. God Bless America!

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