Cherokee Crackers

Today, to its great shame, the Cherokee Nation voted to disenfranchise the descendants of Black slaves who were owned by the Cherokee’s. Yet these people maintained a Cherokee identity and are now being expelled. The claim has been made that the vote is one of “self determination”! Well I am sure we can all be proud of these Native American CRACKERS who are exercising their right of “self determination”. Funny but I would celebrate this vote of “self determination” right next to the “right of self determination” by Mississippi in maintaining segregated schools in the 1950’s!

Back in my hippie college years I remember a song extolling the Cherokee Nation in it’s forced flight from their homeland in Georgia to Oklahoma! Gosh golly now we learn they brought their slaves with them! Kind of puts the dampers on an icon from my past. The noble Native American! Yet in the south today Blacks vote and even hold political office. Are things perfect? No but we whites have learned our lesson. Ah but the Cherokee want to be pure bloods! Yet they are really a fiction as most of them have white blood!

Meanwhile on the other side of the world the Japanese government has reversed it former apology to the victims it forced to engage in prostitution. The Japanese are another group that loves racial purity! Just ask the Ainu! Some Ainu try to cover up their racial identity to protect themselves from the effects of Japanese racism.

This blog is by a NON-PC liberal. The next time you hear the annual “mea kulpas” each august due to our nuking the Japanese, you might want to remember the Japanese who forced woman into prostitution and now want to deny it! Not to mention the large groups of Koreans, who as forced laborers, died in the nuclear blasts of Hiroshima and Nagasaki yet the Japanese never mention them. It seems racism is not limited to the American white middle class. But I believe we have learned our lesson. It seems the Japanese have not!

Finally let us not buy this nonsense by the “Cherokee Crackers” concerning “self determination” especially with the casinos going up. I would “wager” this is just plain Native American “CRACKERISM”! You bet it is!

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