Ann Coulter: Short Skirt – Old Hag

While I am against “political correctness”, Ann Coulter, with her ever short skirts, is really using every effort to sell her books! I wonder is it wrong to call someone her age with miniskirts so thin that they qualify as a belt, an old “hag”? Gee that’s only one letter difference from what she called Senator John Edwards. What in particularly gets under Ann Coulter’s skin about Senator John Edwards?

Could it be that Edwards tells it like it is concerning the class war going on in the United States? How dare we challenge the rule of the upper class? These effete snobs talk about the “free market” then they interfere with it by pushing for government intervention to lower salaries of middle class employees. They succeeded in allowing foreign H1-B guest workers to drive down the wages of computer programmers. Why should a college student struggle with hard subjects like Computer Science and Engineering, when these effete snobs of corporate America can undermine the free market! They undermine it by removing the financial rewards of hard work at geeky technical subjects like computer science and engineering! Then they wonder why America doesn’t have enough technical graduates! Oh these effete snobs then preach their gospel book “Atlas Shrugged”.

What John Edwards has done is to expose how the upper class is waging war against the middle class. Ann Coulter wants to steal the American dream from the middle class. Her visceral reaction to Edwards is because he is not walking away from the class war in America. Look at how George Bush has tried to make Americans identify themselves with the needs of the corporate class! By his stupid social security program, whereby Americans could have a portion of the SS tax allocated to the purchase of investment funds, Bush wanted Americans to identify with the upper class. “You don’t want to tax capital gains now do you”?

I am sick and tired of these BLEEDING HEARTS for the corporate elite! The silent majority of us we still have to WORK FOR A LIVING! Stock holder or not! Besides if Ann Coulter and her fellow travelers have their way you can forget about going back to college and getting an education to improve your lot in life as H1-B visa guest workers will steal your dreams and your job!

Ann Coulter and her bleeding heart friends for the corporate elite, would idolize those companies that shred their American identity for a Multi-national identity, bleeding our jobs and technology to China! This age of permissiveness must stop!

The time has come for America’s silent majority – the great Middle Class (and those who aspire to be) to take our nation back from these effete snobs of corporate America whose only loyalty is to where ever their investments take them. They even want to shed their identity as Americans becoming “multi-national”!

Yo BABE! How about covering up dem chicken legs BABE! Let’s use your formula for political discussion “school yard brawling”!

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