Newt Gingrich Versus Hilary Clinton

Now that Newt Gingrich has had a sudden need to confess years after his affair, might I ask a few relevant questions?

  1. Since he waited so long to fess up why should we believe his motivation is anything but politically motivated?
  2. Obviously addressing the issue of being a hypocrite on family values drove him deep into the closet but what would have happened to him if he were pulled out of that closet years ago by a court and had to give sworn testimony under oath? Would he lie and perjury himself?
  3. While having an extramarital affair is not a criminal offense, except under the Deuteronomy style values that Gingrich and his fellow travelers so extol, one must ask would our champion of anti-biases in news media coverage whine and wail that his set up under oath was a pretext to get him to perjury himself (ala Clinton)?
  4. Regardless of your views on Hilary Clinton, why is she attacked for the “Bill Clinton affair” when she was clearly the victim! Why do these champions of family values attack a woman who forgave her husband and preserved her family?

What great sin has Hillary Clinton done in terms of family values? Yet this poor woman has been dragged through the mud. First by her own husband and worst by the hypocrites of the right wing! Oh they argue she just wants to be president and that is why she forgave him! What krap. Democrats being the PC Correct species they are would not go against her for leaving her husband. Besides the conservatives would never vote for her either way! How DARE Hillary Clinton aspire to give the Silent Majority of Americans Universal Health Care and hence freedom from subservience to the CORPORATE COLLECTIVISTS!

The time has come to drag these hypocrites from the right out of their closet! The very same hypocrites, who after six years past 9-11 have still not secured our borders and want to outsource our nation’s port security to the United Arab Emirates! Their loyalty is not to America’s port security but their own portfolio security! These bleeding hearts of the right who don’t care for the dreams and aspirations of the average American but send our technological jobs out from the homeland they claim loyalty to. Well that is except for the jobs they fill here with H1-B Visa workers at lower pay.

The time has come for America’s great silent majority, our Middle Class and those who aspire to be, to take back our nation from these effete snobs of the corporate elite!

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