Halliburton And Republican Cut and Run Capitalists Sing “Corporate Internationale”

As the American middle class watches its high tech jobs shipped overseas and foreign H1-B Visa workers imported to lower the remaining tech job salaries, let us pause for a moment to salute yet another in the sea of CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS! Halliburton is sending its CEO to the United Arab Emirates! Why not take Dick Cheney with them but keep American manufacturing and high tech jobs here!

Why is it that loyal American union members refrain from celebrating May Day as we don’t want to place our economic class before our nation? Yet George Bush and his fellow travelers place the interests of their economic class above the national interest. They undermine the American Middle Class dream all while singing their “Corporate Internationale”! Yet American middle class employees are judged by corporate America in how well they can subvert their “Individualism” to the “Corporate Collective”! As we learned last year Bush and his fellow travelers said the hell with Port Security! They prefer PORTFOLIO SECURTIY! Isn’t it amazing that Halliburton has located it’s CEO in the United Arab Emirates! Maybe we can outsource our Border Security to the United Arab Emirates with a “Camel Corp” to patrol the Arizona and New Mexico border with Mexico! It can be lead by a gun toting, camel riding Dick Cheney!

Remember the Vietnam War when construction workers were cozying up to Nixon and the Republicans? Well look at the loyalty that the republicans are now showing construction workers now! Our national borders are wide open while wages for construction trades are being driven down by illegal aliens! No I am not against these people who are only looking to better their lives. But America has a right to its borders and self-determination!

It is not jut the construction, meat packing and warehouse trades that are being effected! We have been told that education is the wave of the future. Yet these advocates of the free market are tinkering with the markets in our Homeland all to benefit their economic class while the Middle Class dream is being eroded! They are practicing government intervention in the free market of the United States by:

  • Non-enforcement of immigration laws!
  • Flooding the high tech field with H1-B visa workers from foreign lands.
  • Finally these effete snobs of the corporate elite whine that less college students want to take up difficult subjects like computer science. After they undermine the American dream they then lecture us how “Atas Shrugged”!

When will the middle class demand responsibility from our government? The time has come for America’s Silent Majority to stand up for the rights of the “Individual” in this era of Corporate Collectivism!

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