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I could not post after hearing President Obama announce the troop increase in Afghanistan as I am still perplexed. Well this is just another fine mess that George Bush and his fellow travelers have gotten us into!¬† I absolutely believe the invasion of Afghanistan was the right thing to do! But the war should have been wrapped up by now and Osama bin Laden should have been hanged years ago! Instead this nation had to endure Dick Cheney lecturing us that President Obama was “dithering” on what to do on the Afghan War!

Yes President Obama has “dithered” but it wasn’t in relation to the Afghan War. We Progressives are tired of President Obama dithering on pointing the finger at the prior administration! But then again President Obama dithered when Sarah Palin accused him of being a pal of terrorists while she has vast connections if not prior out right membership in the Alaskan Independence Party! Amazing isn’t it that some Congressional Democrats can muster the courage to object to the more relevant Afghan War but let George Bush rail road America with two more years of the Iraq War while we had the majority in Congress!

As I see it if we don’t take some action in Afghanistan then Pakistan may go under.

Since Bush wanted to engage in his vast Republican Iraqi “Social Engineering Experiment” (to use the conservative lingo they used against us liberals years ago) Afghan Opium production is through the ceiling and it is funding terrorism!¬† Ah but we will meet the challenge with more private corporation contractors! (See article from below).

Progressives must DEMAND that Congress give a though accounting, with televised hearings concerning:

  1. The switch in focus from Afganistan to Iraq and how Bin Laden thus escaped from justice!
  2. The vast loss of resources generated by the Republican Social Engineering Experiment in Iraq
  3. The role of the Bush Tax Cuts to the rich and how the Republicans should not only be blamed for the prior budget deficit they left Obama but also for their culpability for generating the need for a stimulus package and it’s resulting deficit spending. Obama should stop dithering in forcefully attacking the Republicans!

If President Obama wants to act “Presidential” and be above the fray then Vice President Biden must be unleashed as an attack dog against¬† Dick Cheney and the right wing news media, “FoxNews”!

The Congressional Majority: Use it or loose it! Let’s investigate and keep the nation’s focus on how the Republicans not only let Bin Laden escape and created a huge budget deficit but also how they should be blamed for the budget deficit that we will have to run to get us out of this mess both at home and abroad! The Republicans should be blamed for the new deficit spending of the Obama Administration!

Will they investigate? If they do they will put Joe Liebermann in charge of the hearings! What’s that sound we hear from the Democratic Party Majority in Congress and from the White House?

What we are hearing is their mantra! The sound of “MEOW”!

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