Four Years Of War And What Do We Have To Show For It?

As our troops, many from the National Guard and Army Reserve, face their second, third and even fourth tours of extended duty in Iraq I find it interesting that our President cannot talk about his stateside tours of duty in the National Guard.

QUESTION: What is similiar to Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and why?

ANSWER: George Bush’s complete service record in the National Guard. Like Iraqi WMD neither can be found!

After the attack of 9-11 our nation had to “kick ass”! I make no apology for saying that. Afghanistan, under the Taliban, was an excellent target. I actually believed Iraq had WMD and so I was for the War. After no WMD were found I came to realize that Bush was incompetent. No he is not a fascist as some would say but he is incompetent and perhaps even got us into this war to show up his dad, that he could “finish” the job “daddy” Bush started.

Amazingly Saddam was as incompetent as Bush! Hussein dragged out the investigations and actually gave Bush a pretext with the international community for the invasion that overthrew him. If he had allowed the inspectors to do their jobs the war would never have taken place! Therefore I cannot fully fault Bush for starting this war. I do fault him for:

  • Changing the goal from toppling Saddam to trying to create a western style democracy. If that is the goal then Bush tried to do this on a shoestring.
  • Never having enough troops for an effective occupation.
  • Allowing the militias to form and operate openly. Imagine Germany after WWII with SS units in the streets four years after the fall of the Third Reich?
  • Forming an Iraqi Government while militias where still in operation. Democracy is not a consultation between warlords. There can only be one armed force in a democracy!
  • Blaming the Iraqi’s for not doing enough! Wrong the Iraqi’s were never given a clean nation to start with! That was our duty as the occupier to them. We did so for Germany and Japan.

Let’s examine some myths about Iraq.

  • We cannot win if “winning” means establishing a western style secular democracy.

We can win this but the issue is the price! Also is it in our national interest to pay that price? It was in our national interest to literally “kick ass” after 9-11 in Afghanistan. It is still in our national interest to win Afghanistan and to use more of our military. The enemies of America had to learn a lesson and be given a demonstration of our national power. It is an “inconvenient truth” to some that terrorists don’t care about bad karma. They just want the 77 Virgins!

  • The Iraqi Government is not doing enough to win.

Bush never should have allowed the militias to form. The borders of Iraq should have been secured by land mines, aircraft or camel patrols if need be. But then again Bush has never secured our nation’s borders! The Iraqi’s under the conditions they are operating, are looking to survive in the situation we gave them!

  • If we don’t stop the terrorists in Iraq they will follow us over here back to our homeland!

Well then we had better not jail our border patrol agents for stopping illegals from entering our nation! Just what message are we sending the terrorists by this act Mr. Bush? To bad the attorney who prosecuted those border patrol agents was not fired instead of the others in the Justice Department. The fact is that the person who fights us in Iraq is more concerned about his own sect winning control in Iraq then about a global strategy. Yes Al Qaeda is “now” in Iraq thanks to George Bush. But if they are the issue we can leave Bagdad now and go hunt them down in Al Ambar province and Afganistan. If “kicking ass” is so important then why is our butt being kicked in Afganistan? If Bush is so concerned about our Homeland why did he want to turn over port security to the United Arab Emirates in several of our major ports and prosecute our border patrol agents for doing their job? Great message Bush is sending to the terrorists!

  • If we leave now it will result in genicide and that would be awful!

We could split Iraq into three federated states to avoid this before we leave. But ultimately genocide is taking place in Darfur and our news media pays very little attention to it. So perhaps we could do the same for Iraq! I don’t mean to sound cold but in this world genocide is not “awful” it is simply “third world like”. Maybe both sides in Iraq should sit down to a nice ham dinner! Well it wouldn’t hurt given the idiocy going on there!

Finally we had better guard our borders, jobs and capital from foreign forces that endanger our way of life! The time has come for the Silent Majority – America’s Middle Class (and those who aspire to be) to stand up and say NO to the Republican social engineering experiment going on in Iraq today and the squandering of our nation’s youth to a war that is not ours to fight in Iraq. Mr. Bush take our troops out of harms way in Iraq and support our border patrol agents at home!

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