Al Gore, Global Warming And The Joys Of Secular Collective Masochism!

Mention “Global Warming” and you evoke both the secular doom dayers plus the scoffers. I am neither! Basically I believe the earth is facing a crisis due to carbon emissions from our species. Yet I also believe there are many on the left who have adapted a new fundamentalism. That of “Secular Dooms Dayer”. I used to believe religion was anti-life! Making folks believe in original sin so we could all wallow in collective guilt and play a nasty Transactional Analysis game of “Ain’t it Awful”. Back in my college days Hal Lindsey wrote a religious dooms day book predicting the second coming and the end of the world within ten years. Funny thing at the same time circa 1970 the ecology movement was predicting a “Secular Dooms Day” scenario with the book, “The Population Bomb”! These latter day secular masochists joined with the “Club of Rome” to produce dooms day reports concerning the end of oil resources on this planet within the same time frame.

I recovered my religious faith as I came to realize the negativity that I experienced in religion was not intrinsic to religion rather something about the human psyche. I called it “Original Masochism” in my other website that is devoted to progressive religion. I will not get into that here but to say that in the late 60’s and early 70’s when I attended college I came to realize that being a “free thinker” sometimes meant renouncing liberal orthodoxy! Instead of hating life on earth due to some “original sin” and man being depraved and a collective sinner, now we who attended the early Earth Days went forth with our new scripture, “The Population Bomb” to preach SECULAR repentance to a DECADENT “Bourgeois Middle Class”! Oh the joys of collective guilt for being White, American and Middle Class!

Naturally there were some who while of good nature did not yet know the TRUTH! They suffered from Bourgeois Middle Class Hang-ups! They did not realize that they were the cause of all the world’s problems! You know we are “x” percent of the world’s population yet use “x + y” percent of the earth’s resources. Did anyone notice that at Al Gore’s meeting with the Congressional Committee they all were drinking bottled water? Gosh how much plastic is that going to throw into the environment? I am an avid hiker and have lead for hiking clubs for 35 years! Not to mention the webmaster for two clubs. Yet I say most environmentalists are hypocrites! Years ago nuclear energy was considered the way to go. In my area wind mills were going to be built! Guess who put up a big stink? The hikers! Make no mistake about it these folks have a distinct need for masochism! Instead of fundamentalist religion with it’s need to feel guilty for Adam and Eve plucking a stupid apple off a tree, these new advocates of collective guilt want us to feel guilty for living middle class lives! Let me give you three examples:

SOLAR COLLECTORS AND STAR WARS: I don’t believe it’s nice to have an enemy capable of nuking us. Yet the orthodox liberals call it a “star wars fantasy” to have a anti-missile defense system. Yet years ago they advocated the creation of giant space stations with solar collector’s miles wide that would beam a concentrated energy beam back to earth. Now imagine if you will what would happen if the angle of that beam went off by just a fraction of a degree! Talk about scourged earth! They had no problem with the feasibility of shooting high energy beams back to earth as an alternative form of energy but if the energy beam where used in the opposite direction to shoot down an incoming nuclear missile then they called it mockingly “star wars”.

RECYCLING: In my locality we are required to place plastic and metal in a separate container for recycling. Despite the fact that now no one wants to buy this junk, the eco-masochists continue to insist we continue this. How much water is wasted in each household to wash and clean the various plastic containers that are then thrown out? How much energy is used to heat that water?

BLIND CONSERVATION: Oh God remember the idiocy of the late 70’s with the air conditioning in the office work place being set at 78 – 80 degrees while we all walked around in three piece suits with tight neck ties! Hell I don’t care what it does to my karma turn up the God Damned air conditioning and also lets throw away the suits and ties!

However in our secular culture where we do not have rituals we need a subsitute means of connection! Recycling, conservation and a vegan diet are a means for New Age folks (and I am one of them) to have “communion” with the sacred, in this case the earth! It makes folks “remember” but does little more! Self flagellation secular style anyone? Further as each new alternative energy form is developed, I believe the very folks who advocate it will then turn against it. Why? Because while there is a valid danger of global warming, they are not trying to solve problems! They are infected with this secular version of “original sin” that I will term “original masochism”! I remember one professor who actually said, “the human race does not deserve to survive”! As China and India develop large middle classes the time has come to find a safe sane approach to conservation and rapid development of alternative fuels! Evolution yes, lifestyle throw back NO!

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