Support Our Troops ITT Style – Iscariot Syndrome Of The Cut and Run Capitalists

First let’s make one thing straight. I am not a PC liberal just read my prior blog post. But today we have another blatant example of this age of licentious permissiveness with ITT selling secret military technology to the enemies of freedom! This age where Cut and Run Capitalists make money from the homeland that gave them succor, profits and their very incorporation, now turning Iscariot style against our own troops to sell our advanced military technology to Communist China! So what it’s against the law! They are above the law!

While bleeding heart Republicans make the case for no jail time for those who betrayed our troops by selling secret night vision technology, these effete snobs of Corporate America change their allegiance to multinational corporations! Today’s example of ITT is just one more blatant example of this age of permissiveness where loyal Americans, both on the battle field and in the workplace, must sublimate their individualism to these globalization monsters of COLLECTIVISM!

Yet when the communists, whom these Iscariots bed down with, latter turn on them, or challenge us with the military these cut and run capitalists help to build, they will suddenly “rediscover their American Identity”! The time has come for the Silent Majority – America’s great Middle Class (and those who aspire to be) to demand this age of licentious permissiveness end! This age with it’s bleeding of America’s military technology, intellectual property, homeland produced capital and jobs to the enemies of freedom, all in the service of the effete snobs of the corporate elite!

In the future when our nation is challenged from abroad by China’s military, whom these cut and run capitalists helped to build, guess who will be there to profit from the new American military buildup that they forced upon us? Their professions of loyalty and “love” for America and our way of life are as creditable as the “moaning” of a N.Y.C. VD laden prostitute turning a cheap $15 dollar trick!

We are the greatest nation on earth yet our middle class is watching our loyal troops having their military technology sold illegally to profit these effete snobs of the corporate elite as our employment base at home is undermined by the dual evils of global outsourcing and H1-B Visa tech workers. Step by step the corporate class is undermining the rugged individualism of the American Middle Class! Why bother to learn computer skills when conservatives who advocate “laizze faire” use government intervention to drive down our pay scale, make our jobs less secure and thus deprive us of health benefits! Then they wonder why students don’t want to take the harder technological courses in college! Is it any wonder why ATLAS SHRUGGED?

The time has come for the Silent Majority to stand up for America and take our nation back from these Iscariots of the Corporate Elite!

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