General Casey: Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell

Sunday on “Meet The Press” Army Chief Of Staff, General Casey said we don’t want to “stigmatize” the 3,000 Muslims in the Army due to the killings at Fort Hood. He said this because the Army’s strength comes from it’s “Diversity”. I guess that does not apply to Gay soldiers who are fighting to finish their tour of duty while their former Commander in Chief, George Bush cannot seem to find anyone who remembers him doing his full term of service in the Air National Guard! When General Casey said the military prizes it’s “diversity” I guess he wasn’t talking about prizing Gay soldiers who only want to stay in the military but poor little rich boys like George Bush who want to skip their mandatory National Guard meetings! Diversity must mean “Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell” anything about George Bush and his military record!

The moderator of “Meet The Press” also asked Army General Chief of Staff Casey about reports that Major Nidal Hasan was considered by some to be exhibiting “dangerous behavior” that if reported and acted upon could have prevented this horrible bloodbath. The General said the Army is investigating this!

I just wonder is that also what the Army calls “Don’t Ask – Don’t tell!” Perhaps if some investigators were not spying on the private sex lives of innocent Gay soldiers who only want to serve their country and even want to go to Iraq and Afghanistan then this blood bath could have been averted!

Amazing isn’t it that we have both George Bush, who never fully served his tour of duty in the National Guard and Major Hassan who went on a killing spree because he did not want to go to Iraq. But the Army persecutes innocent Gay soldiers who only want to do what the above two resisted!

This blogger has a message for General Casey: Let’s indeed honor our nation’s diversity that you claim we should prize! Time to eliminate “Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell”! Let patriotic Americans serve their country and do what others don’t want to do!

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