Hillary Clinton: The “Come-back Chick”

She did it! “The TEARFUL BABE THAT COULD”! No folks before you tell me to go “onk onk” like a male chauvinist pig, I am only being humorous! We cannot call her the “Come Back Kid” as her hubby already has that title. I prefer John Edwards with Barrack Obama a close second choice! I wonder about Hillary Clinton because she has made peace with the money pedaling special interest lobbyists of Corporate America. What saved her is that Hillary Clinton has been taking John Edwards lessons. If you listen to her “tear speech” listed below she speaks about her Grail Quest as being “personal”. John Edwards said the same thing only a few days before in the debate! After her victory she then spoke about “finding her new voice”! Yes indeed that new voice is talking like John Edwards! She spoke like a populist! I used to like Hillary Clinton! That is until I realized she was undermining college grads in their pursuit for a better life by supporting the racist H1-b Visa program where corporations favor lower paid foreign visa technical students over Americans.

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What I believe hurt Senator Obama was the cocky over confidence of the “Talking Heads” in the news media who had him wining New Hampshire by over 10%. Since “Independents” can vote in the New Hampshire Primary, I believe many Independents felt that their job was already done on the Democratic side so they voted instead in the Republican Primary for John McCain. Perhaps if the news media did not pontificate so much Barrack Obama would have won New Hampshire!

I hope McCain does get the Republican nomination. It was John McCain who attacked the lobbyists more than any candidate in American history in 2000. While I will vote Democratic I could split my ticket for McCain if the Iraq War is not the hot issue. Someone has to stand up and stop the corrupting power of K Street. I believe this time around the best candidates to do that are:

  1. John Edwards
  2. Barack Obama
  3. John McCain
  4. Mike Huckabee

The time has come for America’s Silent Majority (our great Middle Class) to stand up to these CUT AND RUN CORPORATIONS! Individual Freedom must prevail against these 21st Century Collectivists of the Corporations who would undermine our economic freedom. Without economic freedom the word “freedom” is a meaning less word! God Bless America!

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