Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell: Gays Doing What Bush Shirked

Isn’t it amazing that Gays are trying to stay in the military, especially in war time! George Bush, Jr did not want to serve in the military and even missed his required meeting quota! But you never hear the Tea Baggers, the Birthers or their fellow travelers in the Republican Party ever ask questions about our former Commander – in Chief’s service record in the Air National Guard!

I guess when the issue is George Bush’s complete service record in the Air National Guard the “Birthers”, Tea Baggers and even the news media have a slogan!

George Bush’s record of required service in the National Guard: Don’t Ask – Don’t tell!

While Gays try to serve their country openly and say they are proud to be in the military, George Bush, Jr. likes to keep his military record in the closet! What is amazing is the Democrats don’t want to out his record nor does the so – called Liberal news media! I guess we see who the REAL WIMPS are!

  • Come on former Commander – In – Chief come out of the closet with your military record.

  • Where are Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi on this issue? Why are they such wimps in going after George Bush?

As I mentioned in a prior post, having a Public Option is a national security issue! Since Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and even Barrack Obama are such wimps in attacking the Republicans and their fellow travelers in the Tea Bag movement then how can they defend the United States against foreign terrorist and military attacks?

Why don’t they stand up for Gay members of the military who want to do what Texas Macho Man George Bush was afraid to do. That is to serve in the military!

But then again the three Democratic Party wimps I mentioned above don’t have the guts to stand up to the birthers, tea baggers or the Town Hall Meeting disruptor crowd. We are witnessing Health Care being converted into a welfare program for the insurance cartel! Without a public option what is to stop the insurance cartel from raising our rates while lowering our service?

Again might I suggest a role model of testosterone for the leadership of the Democratic Party? As I mentioned before they should ask Gay Congressman Barney Frank to donate to them some testosterone as he has more guts than Obama, Reid and Pelosi combined!

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