Fox News: Fred Thompson Insomnia Cure

Well we have heard the self righteousness of the conservative’s with their right wing ranting about so called pro-liberal news media biases! Well tonight right before the Iowa Caucuses, Fox News the so-called darling of the right wing, apparently has someone else in mind for as their ideal candidate to win the Iowa Caucuses. Please note that if I lived in Iowa and could vote I would be voting for John Edwards.

My point is imagine if CBS had done this to Fred Thomson! They questioned his libido for the Presidency! Hell even I felt sorry for Fred Thomson and I am a Lou Dobbs populist Democrat!

Judge for yourself! Click this link to hear the great “no spin channel”, Fox News interview Fred Thomson!

Meanwhile has anyone noticed we are falling behind in Afghanistan? But Afghan opium production is up and next door in nuclear armed Pakistan, they are in chaos with Bin Ladin running free in the mountains! Don’t worry Bush and his fellow travelers did some hard negotiating with next door India. We give them nuclear technology and we get MANGOS! Bush you are a fruit, get us out of Iraq now!

Time for the middle class to stand up and take our nation back!


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