NBC News Gets “Cross Eyed” In Coverage of Huckabee

Do you remember the laughs we had some years back when some Christian fundamentalists groups objected to bar codes on grocery items as this was a mark of Satan? The joke was, “They see Satan everywhere”! Well it seems NBC News saw the “Cross” in a recent Huckabee Commercial where he wishes all a “Merry Christmas”! This reminds me of the “Anti-Masonic” Conspiracy theorists who see strange Masonic symbols in the street map of Washington DC.

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Brian Williams should take a nice deep breath and just relax! I am an Episcopalian not a Baptist. But I do know that many Baptist Churches don’t even place crosses on their steeples as per the anti-imagery demand of the Ten Commandments. NBC should note that book cases usually do have right angles! Yes it is true! Perhaps this is an example of the Freudian defense mechanism of “projection” and a need to “punish” Governor Huckabee for not conforming to the negative stereotype of a devout Christian. That is to say that having a book case implies that Baptists actually read! What next NBC, did you do a close look at his book case! Maybe there was a “Bible” in his living room bookcase!

Did you notice Huckabee was wearing a “Red” sweater?

  • Was the red just an accident or was it because that is the traditional color for Christmas? (Oh my God).
  • No wait was his sweater red because he is a Red State Republican?
  • Perhaps a more cynical view is that Huckabee is a Christian Communist! After all Fred Thomson said Huckabee is a closet liberal! What better way to undermine America than to hide a communist RED wolf in sheep’s clothing?

What next NBC? Are we going to play Huckabee’s ad backwards and see if we hear a message saying “Mitt Romney is dead”! For those of you not old enough to understand this humor, back in the 60’s the Beatles produced a song, that when played backwards, produced a audio message “Ringo is dead”!

Here is an EXCLUSIVE item that the news media has not even picked up on!

Did you notice the “anti-Unitarian” twist to Huckabee’s ad? That’s right just look next to the “Cross” and you will also notice “THREE Christmas Balls” with the cross! What are they doing there? Clearly this a battle call for “Trinitarian” mainstream Christians against both “Unitarians” and even Mormons! The latter believe God also has a wife who is the “Divine Mother”. Thus Mormons are not trinitarian! Is this ad a sinister “In Hoc Signo Vinces” subliminal battle cry to Gov. Huckabee’s core Christian Right constituency? What next?

Let’s join NBC in their paranoia! What about some computer programmers who produce those notorious hidden joke messages in their programs? Now what are those things called?

Oh yes they are called “EASTER EGGS”! Oh my God a sinister Christian Conspiracy!

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