Water Boarding And American Values

I believe that all valid POW’s should not be tortured and that water boarding is torture! But what about using this technique on terrorists? I believe this is a more involved issue! In regards to terrorists, Alan Dershowitz the famous liberal attorney, has stated that he believes under some conditions it is alright to employ torture so long as a special “warrant” is issued. I concur with Alan Dershowitz! Despite what the World Court has to say concerning this matter, America should reserve the right to use “torture” to break a captured leader of Al Qaeda who is in our custody! However what is the method for our society to “decide” on this issue? Simply because I believe it is a good idea does not make it legal! I would be against water boarding as a standard practice against Americans and all valid POWs.

Terrorist do not follow the rules of war! This may come as an “inconvenient truth” to some in this nation, but there are bad guys out there who want to use WMD against our cities. I believe Alan Dershowitz’s proposal is the correct method to deal with this issue. We must never water board Prisoners of War – period! What I find disturbing about the CIA’s destruction of tapes pertaining to the water boarding of several Al Qaeda leaders is that they are interfering with the decision making processes of our society! Simply because one does believe, as I do, in the limited use under special circumstances and on certain validated individuals of torture, does not mean it should occur without the decision being made by our society!

I suppose the justification is that these individuals fall outside of the constitutional rights of suspects. I do not know that to be the case. I do agree with the three times it was used but the tapes should not have been destroyed! It is the ultimate decision of our Courts and Congress if it was proper! The President is the “Executer” of decisions made by our society via our Congress and Courts, he is not the “Great Decider”. We cannot allow “Reichstag Fire Enabling Acts” in a democratic nation! The Constitutional use of water boarding must be specific and “above board”! What next the water boarding of Nancy Pelosi?

If this technique is needed to fight terrorists it must be done under the law! What our nation does not need is those who believe they “own” the law. The President and his Cabinet are NOT the Government of the United States. Our Government is comprised of three co-equal branches!

The news media is actually showing Pro-Conservative News Media Biases by terming the “Administration” as the “Government”. It is not but only a part of our Government.

Just because an idea is a good idea, and I think the torture of the three captured Al Qaeda leaders was a good idea, does not make it legal! Nor does a good idea allow the President to decide for this society. That is why we have a Constitutional Government of President, Congress and Judicial! If the military acted in good faith then they must testify to Congress. Failure to do so constitutes criminal obstruction of justice! We must not allow the “feels good” approach to govern our laws! If the water boarding of the three Al Qaeda leaders was correct then these acts by the Administration must be open to Congressional and Judicial investigation!

PC Liberals would argue that water boarding should never happen even to terrorists. Because this President was wrong on Iraq and Iran there is a tendency to believe all is well in the world. This is not true. Bush has got America side tracked in Iraq while we are losing the war on terror in Afghanistan! I believe both the PC Liberals and Neo-cons are wrong. I would hope that our Administration would be accountable for it’s use of water boarding while at the same time hoping that it’s limited use would be approved against terrorists. We must not allow either side to use fear to advance their agendas!

Both the Neo-Cons and the PC Liberals have dangerous agendas and I really mean what I say below!

NEO-CONS: They believe WMD is everywhere with a mushroom cloud ready to pop up over our cities unless we fight endless wars that don’t address the real enemies! If it does occur it is God punishing a morally decadent America!

POLITICALY CORRECT LIBERALS: They believe that there really is no danger of a terrorist nuclear attack against our cities. They resent even the usage of the word “Homeland” to define America. If such an attack did occur they would believe it is the Law of Karma punishing a consumerist decadent Bourgeoises America!

The time has come for America’s Silent Majority – our great Middle Class, to take our country back from these stupid agendas!

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