Hillary Clinton Opens Door To Republicans In Debate

Senator Hillary Clinton has made a huge policy blunder in the recent Democratic Party Debate. When asked about NY Gov. Spitzer’s plan to give drivers licenses to illegal aliens, she answered in the affirmative. Oh she did the usual PC dance around the issue by never calling them “illegal aliens” instead substituting the term “undocumented workers”. She then did a whine about how these people will be driving without licenses anyway! Well if they are found to be doing so and they are ILLEGAL then shouldn’t you go to jail and get deported! Oh my did I say something politically incorrect!

I am sick of the racist attitudes of the corporate America – Politically Correct consortium! I have relatives in Italy who have to wait their turn to come to America! Why are these people from Mexico being treated better! I believe most of them who have come here are decent people and I could even support a “final amnesty and comprehensive alien assimilation act” after certain conditions were met that so called “Comprehensive Immigration” does not address. These conditions include:

  • Our borders are locked down with a full length double fence. Bring the Army home from Iraq and let them police our borders!
  • Our airports and Visa holders are fully monitored.
  • Employers are fined heavily and even jailed for hiring illegal aliens.
  • English is made the official language of this nation and all bi-lingual signs are torn down.
  • Bi-lingual education is eliminated.
  • The concept of “anchor babies” is outlawed. If your parents come here illegally then you are illegal!
  • A commission headed by Lou Dobbs certifies that the above conditions are FULLY met even if it means a constitutional amendment!

When the above occurs I would grant a final “Amnesty” to all illegal aliens who are living here and are law abiding. This would not be termed “earned citizenship” as it is not earned! This is an act of mercy! Such an act is in line with our principles so long as it is the LAST amnesty to be granted. Americans don’t like “amnesty” being called “earned citizenship”. We are a nation of laws. I will agree with Bush on one thing. George Bush said,

Family values do not end when you cross the southern border. If you are a Mexican and you are hungry and you know you can feed your family by going north then you will do so”.

I agree but we cannot be the solution for the Roman Catholic Church’s policies against birth control. Mexico is a sovereign nation and must solve her own problems! However I will state that I have close daily contact with these illegal aliens and they are very good people. But we simply cannot continue to allow our nation to be invaded, even if it is for humanitarian reasons. Let’s seal our borders Lou Dobbs style (no more BS) and force corporations to obey the law then I would be open for a Regan style “Amnesty” as long as it is called for what it is. Doing that would be consistent with a nation of laws and charity. I urge my readers not to confuse the push for bilingualism by the PC crowd and Corporate America with the sad plight of decent but illegal Mexican immigrants.  But are laws must be obeyed first and the border secured as per Lou Dobbs not the weak methods of George Bush and Ted Kennedy.

This blog is by a pro-middle class NON-PC Liberal Democrat! I am both against the Iraq War but for pre-emptive strikes to stop the spread of nuclear weapons. My point is that I am not a “knee-jerk” liberal. If you read some of my posts I sound like a neo-con then rant against the corporations in other posts. The old orthodoxy of PC liberalism will not work in 21st century America. I believe most Middle Class Americans are sick and tired of:

1. Receiving official voting information from the Board of Elections that is written in Spanish, Chinese, Russian and God knows what else. If you cannot understand English you have no right to vote in America. Pure and simple!

2. Calling a company or using an ATM and being told to press “1” for English, “2” for Spanish. This is America! My grand parents had to learn English and I want to treat newcomers the same way! Learn English!

I do not however blame the Mexicans for this corruption of our culture! Rather it is a inherit part of our capitalist system! The fault lies with companies. The very same CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who ship our jobs to foreign lands and change their identity from being an “American” Company to “Multinational”. These same CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS now sing their own “Corporate Internationale”, ignoring the nation and society that gave them incorporation, protection, succor and profits! These modern day Iscariots are the ones who clog our airwaves and ATM’s with bi-lingualism! Do not blame the Mexican laborer for this. I believe most Mexican laborers even practice a higher rate of assimilation then my own Italian ancestors to this nation. The attack on English comes from the effete snobs of corporate America and other Hispanic lobbies who don’t even represent the majority of Hispanic-Americans.

Hillary Clinton, who backs the H1-b Visa program that is decimating the dreams of America’s technology graduates, now has thrown her support to licensing illegal aliens. What is it about some in my party that they are like moths drawn to fire. The fire of political suicide! The only saving grace is that George Bush has left our borders wide open and placed us in this situation!

The time has come for America’s Silent Majority, our great Middle Class, to stand up and take our nation back from these effete snobs of corporate America and those on their special interest payroll in both the Republican and Democratic parties. Hillary Clinton wake up!

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