George Bush A Failure In The War On Terrorism

I am a Liberal Democrat of the NON-PC persuasion. I believe the continuation of the War in Iraq is wrong! I do believe in a vigorous proactive “strike first” strategy against nuclear proliferation and terrorism.

This world is loaded with people who are not nice and don’t care what type of Karma they sow! Yes I know this will come as an “Inconvenient Truth” to some in my own party!

However George Bush has wasted American lives and our national resources in this neo-con social engineering experiment in Iraq. Meanwhile Afghan opium production is through the ceiling and it will finance not only a Taliban resurgence but will also assist Al Qaeda in acquiring nuclear materials for either a nuclear bomb or a dirty bomb! With the dynamic combination of record profits from Afghan opium and the Pakistani scientific and military intelligence consortium, the weather forecast looks good for a mushroom cloud over one or more of our cities. The sad thing is no one is doing a damn thing about it! For all their blabbering George Bush and his fellow travelers in the Republican Party have the correct strategy but the wrong battle field!

Iran must not be allowed to have a nuclear weapon – PERIOD! Yes we should try diplomacy which Bush has not done. Naturally that is based on the silly presumption that our ambassador and his staff would not be held hostage by Iran! They never did say they were sorry for that now did they! Also it would be nice if the person we spoke to on the other side of the table did not believe America is wicked and the enemy of God! Wacky Iranian President Ahmadinejad believes there are no Gays in Iran! He also believed that a halo surrounded him as he spoke the last time to the United Nations. Many in this country say that since there is a strong middle class in Tehran it would counter act the fanaticism of the Mullahs. Perhaps but I don’t want the security of my nation to be in the hands of the good will of Iran’s middle class! Besides if the button is pushed in Tehran there will be no consultation with Iran’s middle class!

Meanwhile Bush is preparing an anti-missile system for Europe that most don’t want and is driving a wedge between us and Russia. By playing on fear Putin is weaning Russia away from democracy! Bush is Putin’s enabler in this quest.

Most important is the message that Bush is sending to Iran with the proposed European nuclear anti-missile system! The presumption of such a system is that America will allow Iran to have nukes! This destroys any creditability we have in discussions with Iran presuming Bush would have such discussions! Iran cannot be allowed to have nukes! They could be given or sold to terrorists, who could then deliver them to their targets in America without ICBM’s. Both Iran and North Korea get away with this because of our damaged military deterrence from the continued Iraq War!

The war in Iraq has weakened our nation in several respects. A wise general knows his army, resources and the terrain before he commits to a battle. Some in both political parties feel we should not proactively fight a war on terrorism! I totally disagree. My disagreement with Bush is his choice of the battlefield and his tactics. We must face several issues concerning our nation and the War on Terrorism:

  • We excel at “Shock and Awe” (Mother Goddess forgive me for being politically incorrect)! But we don’t want to engage in extended occupations! If we understand and accept that generally we don’t want to get involved in extended occupations, then we can devise more appropriate military solutions!
  • The War in Iraq damaged our reputation in the world in that no WMD were found. Future accusations by our intelligence community will not be trusted by our allies! Even rational people in America will have cause to wonder.
  • We don’t want to advertise our dislike for casualties. Especially not against an Islamic foe that sends its members to commit suicide! Actually the losses we suffered in Iraq are very minimal compared to other wars we have been in. The issue is that we paid a price for NOTHING! We excel at shock and awe so we should have done so and then left after installing a friendly General who would pay lip service to democracy.
  • Democracy may not be the answer in the Middle East. Just look at Palestine! The folks in the street hate us and there is little we can do about it! Yes I know this is hard for a Vietnam era hippie like myself to say but it is true! We need to restore our CIA’s ability to engage cut throats and covert operations to over throw rogue regimes! Think of it this way! Overthrowing the “Dear Leader” of North Korea and the Mullahs of Iran is a GREEN SOLUTION rather than a Red bloody solution. It is not only cost effective but has less of an environmental impact. CIA covert regime change of rogue governments is eco-friendly!
  • North Korea has still not been tamed! What the heck where they doing in Syria?
  • Our economy is a valuable weapon lets not waste it by exporting American jobs and technology to the enemies of freedom!

The time has come for America’s Silent Majority: our great Middle Class to take back our nation from these effete snobs of George Bush and his fellow travelers!

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