Ron Paul Opposed To Middle Class Individual Freedom

Many are fascinated by the candidacy of Republican Ron Paul who espouses an Anti-Iraqi War policy. I do enjoy listening to him zing his fellow Republicans in the Republican debates. If you watch him in this video he is appealing concerning the war but be careful about his “freedom rhetoric”.

There is a real danger here from Ron Paul if we value individual liberty and freedom. This reminds me of some hippies many years ago who voted for the Libertarian Party candidates because the so-called Libertarians would allow these hippies to smoke marijuana! Does anyone remember the book “Brave New World” where the society was ruled by a “Council of Fords”! The free market reigned supreme and social stratification was inbred. Ah but you were allowed to have drugs and the movie theaters even had Marijuana smoke pumped into them to placate the masses! Great price for the right to smoke pot and have some trinkets! The price was the loss of Middle Class Consciousness and Individual Freedom!

Ron Pauls’s America would be a similar place. Like a sports game where the elected referee was removed thus giving the illusion of “freedom” but then the BULLY would reign supreme! In the absence of governmental power the individual’s freedom would be subject to the bully power of the Corporation! These “Neo-Collectivists” who demand that we pledge our life long loyalty to them, but then discard the individual at their slightest whim, are the people that Ron Paul serves!

Do not be deceived by the simplistic notions of Ron Paul. The “Income Tax”, which Ron Paul and his fellow travelers want to eliminate, is the only means of controlling the increased social class stratification of America. The upper class is paid way out of their proportion to their contribution. The progressive income tax is a means of making an adjustment. The modern American Middle Class came about because of progressive taxation being a balance to the licentious permissiveness of Corporate America’s greed. If we lived in an era of individual farmers, each owning their land with large families to provide for them in their old age, then Ron Paul might be correct.

However in the 21st Century while the Soviet Collectives are dead, a new sinister force threatens individual liberty! That sinister beast is the CORPORATE COLLECTIVE. With their priesthood of so-called Human Resource professionals, we as individuals must feint interest in their stock reports to get a job. Like who cares! Maybe the reason a corporation’s stock is good is because they underpay their employees! Sure an employee needs to be a “team member” and give honest work! But why should I subjugate my individual freedom and needs to that of the share holder. Where do I fit into this “collective”. But instead Ron Paul and his “Borg” fellow travelers demand that we, like the freedom loving individual on the Star Trek series, should be assimilated by the Borg and lose our individuality to the Corporation’s needs!

Yes Congressman Ron Paul I want:

  • Freedom from health care: Don’t let the government provide me with health care like every modern European nation does. Freedom from National Health Care means paying extravagant medical bills while hoping the Corporation will not fire me! Yes Ron Paul that is the freedom I want to serve the Corporate Collective!
  • Freedom from economic security: Who needs economic security when you own a house and have mortgage payments to make or are raising a family! My purpose is to serve the Corporate Collective! If I had economic security I might even dare to seek higher pay or God forbid start my own business! For the sake of the Corporate Elite that is why it is so important that I have FREEDOM FROM HEALTH CARE and FREEDOM FROM ECONOMIC SECURITY.
  • Freedom from Social Security: By all means end this evil wicked program I don’t need that in my old age!
  • Most importantly is FREEDOM from asserting my Individual needs over the Corporate Collective: If I should study hard to become a computer programmer by all means use “selective government intervention” to bring in foreign H1-b Visa workers to undercut my salary. The needs of the Corporate Collective come first!

Does the above satire mean I am advocating unlimited social spending? No we do need a balanced budget. Let’s have a line item veto and stop pork barrel spending. But we need a new consciousness in America! The consciousness of individuality by the Middle Class that is independent of the Corporate Collectivist elite on one side and the Al Sharptons and the PC crowd on the other.

The time has come for America’s Silent Majority – Our great Middle Class to stand up to these bullies who want us to subjugate our individual freedom to the Corporate Collective.

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