Honda: Profits Without Boundaries

Well it seems that the foreign Japanese car manufacturer “Honda” wants to invade the American market to sell cars and send the profits back to Japan. The Japanese defend their economic boundaries at home with stiff regulations against American firms competing. However in America they are advocates of “open boundaries” except to exclude union workers from their factories.

Honda is hiring for a new auto factory in Indiana. However they are restricting their hiring of workers to counties in Indiana where the union membership is weak. No they are not simply locating their plant in a low union area but are going even further by forbidding the hiring of workers from counties that have Union households. Who gives Honda the right to set boundaries inside the United States? Has George Bush and his fellow travelers given Honda the right to set up a “fiefdom” in America?

This is not simply an example of a foreign corporation wanting America to be open to their interest while at home their government is closed to ours. No this goes even further! Honda is operating like GM would love to act! As I mentioned in a prior post, Jim Crammer the darling of free enterprise, wants to destroy unions! Jim Crammer was a guest on MSNBC’s “Hardball”. He said on that show “to save GM the union must be broken….If that happened GM’s stock would go up five times. This is America and that is what counts”. Not my America Jim!

This is a perfect example of what Lou Dobbs calls “the War on the Middle Class”! Oh the bleeding hearts of the Republican Right and some of their lackeys in the Democratic Party, all swallow this krap about preserving “individual freedom” from government intervention. Well I want to see our national Government intervene to stop Honda from creating a “fiefdom” in Indiana! No I don’t want to stop them from opening a plant! But when they try to restrict Unions from protecting workers then we do need government intervention!

The American Middle Class had better develop a consciousness of its interests. Else individual freedom will be subverted to these Corporate Collectivists, be they Japanese or American! These Collectivists who want you to subvert your interests to the corporate welfare are solely interested in profits for the shareholders. Fine that is their interests but not that of the INDIVIDUAL! We face growing medical costs and fears for retirement! This is not just a blue collar issue! Unions would be best served if they spoke not about workers but “employees”! Just look at how the H1-b Visa program is destroying the computer and technology professions and will soon be used against all professions that require a college degree.

The time has come for America’s great Silent Majority – Our Great Middle Class (and those who aspire to be) to stand up for the individual in this age of these effete snobs of the CORPORATE COLLECTIVISTS! God Bless America and the Middle Class!

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