Health Care: To Hell With Bi-partisanship

I have God damned had it with these effete snobs of the Republican Party and their fellow travelers the “blue dog Democrats”. We are the richest nation in the world yet we lack Universal Health Care! Who cares where the funding is going to come from! That’s right did George “No Show National Guardsmen” Bush worry about funding of the Iraqi War? Did Bush and the Republicans care about funding of their Social Engineering Experiment in Iraq after they had cut taxes to the rich who make more money per year then the President of the United States?

If every civilized nation in Western Europe can afford Universal Health Care then we can too! Barrack Obama better get some spine and FAST! I would love to believe this is all part of his master strategy to show the Republicans as the party of “No”. I realize Obama wants the Congress to craft it’s own laws. But the fact is Republicans are waging psychological warfare and they could win. Americans love “ACTION FIGURES”. As I have said in prior posts we backed George Bush even when he went into Iraq because we were attacked and we wanted to kick some ass! How many times did you see, even on the liberal MSNBC, the constant reruns of the invasion of Iraq with embedded journalists! Americans loved it. We love “action figures” and give them creditability! Their slogans get adsorbed into the general population. (See the video below)

But then Bush lost his image as an “action figure” with Katrina and even in Iraq as he got in over his head. He realized Iraq was not WWII and the American people would not stand for larger commitments of troops. Even with the surge we never had enough troops to win. Now he was no longer the “Action Figure”. Then the economy went down from the effects of his policies. Americans wanted ACTION! Again we love ACTION HEROES! But now the Republicans advocated their old tired strategy of “laissez-faire economics”. This sit back approach would not sell with the American people. Barrack Obama promised “action”. The Democrats won the election.

Now the Democrats risk ending up like Bush. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid ever being the role models of “Learned Helplessness” after having control of the Congress for the last two years of Bush’s administration and doing nothing to stop the Iraq War, now they cannot get up the guts to attack the Republicans full scale or get the Democratic Party together on Health Care! Where is our President in all this? I voted for him to kick some Republican ass! To hell with Bi-partisanship! Look at how the Republicans are treating this debate! Born Again Sarah Palin is a liar about Death Panels! Why isn’t she attacked right back? If Obama wants to be Presidential then unleash Vice President Biden to be the attack dog! I would not want to wake up or trouble Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid from their pathetic state of learned helplessness!

When Palin talks about “death panels” why not attack her and her relation to the Alaskan Independence Party and show her to be the fringe politician she is! The Democrats must go on the ATTACK! Americans like action figures! When these right wing nut jobs attack our President as not being American how about raising the issue of George Bush and his vanished “undocumented” years in the National Guard!

When the Republicans go on their smear campaign and Democrats are afraid to hold Town Hall Meetings might I suggest a Testosterone role model for President Obama and all the Democratic Party members of Congress?

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How about Gay Congressman Barney Frank! He stood up to these right wing nut jobs at his Town Hall Meeting. Maybe Gay Congressman Barney Frank can donate some testosterone to President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi! He certainly has far more then all of the other three combined!

We need someone to stand up to these nut jobs in the Republican Party. I am tired of being forced to pay corporate taxes to support the agenda of insurance companies. Were does the money they pay to K-Street come from? It comes from the Middle Class in the form of reduced benefits and higher costs. We should be talking about “Taxation Without Representation” rather than the Tea Bag crowd!

The Silent Majority is tired of this Middle Class Squeeze!

Yo my fellow Democrats how about asking Gay Congressman Barney Frank for some testosterone he has got more balls then our President and all the Democrats in Congress to stand up to these special interests and their lackeys at the Town Hall meetings.

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