NBC Has Pro-Conservative News Media Biases

Oh the bleeding hearts of the right wing! Whenever the new media does not follow their agenda and advance their priorities they label it “liberal news media biases”! Those of you who are old enough to remember the 60’s might recall a rage of the time called “Transactional Analysis” with such books as “The Games People Play” and “I’m OK, Your OK”. Well it seems to me that the Ann Coulter crowd loves to play the game of “Injustice Collector”. When she and her fellow travellers collect enough “trading stamps” in their imagination they are then entitled to call liberals “unpatriotic” or as in the case of the 40 something miniskirt wearing Ann Coulter, she labels those she disagrees with as “fags”!

As a Non-PC liberal I suggest we play the Transactional Analysis game of “Injustice Collector”! Using Ann Coulter’s standards I believe NBC has pro-conservative news media biases! Has anyone heard that the President of Iraq believes most American troops can be out by the end of 2008! Also he backs Senator Joe Biden’s plan for a soft partition of Iraq into three states, Kurdish, Sunni and Shiite!

Yet NBC did not report this on their nightly news cast! They are practicing Pro-Conservative News Media Biases! Heck the news media hardly even reported that Senator Joe Biden’s plan for a soft partition of Iraq received 75 votes! Kudos to the Boston Globe for noticing that aspect of the pro-conservative news media slant!

WARNING WARNING: Blog master is about to also play the Transactional Analysis game of “Injustice Collector” and for those who really remember T.A. the game of “NIGYYSOB” or N.I.G.Y.Y.S.O.B! (Can you name that game?)

The time has come for America’s Silent Majority (our great Middle Class and those who aspire a better lifestyle) to take our nation back from these effete snobs of the right wing and their fellow travelers in the Republican Party! There I feel better!

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