Republican Voters Question Free Trade – Does Hillary Clinton?

Now I have seen it all! Republicans are questioning so called “Free Trade”. Yes it’s true according to the Wall Street Journal’s October 4th edition. At first glance this seems odd until you realize that the majority of Republican Party voters have to be at work at 9AM each Monday morning. Their main source of income is still a paycheck unlike the upper echelons of the party faithful who can live off overpriced CEO salaries and the dividends of a stock portfolio, frequently unearned but inherited.

But wait you say! What about the Kennedys and many other wealthy Democrats. Well who says the Democratic Party wants to destroy upper class? There is absolutely nothing wrong with being rich! The political issue of our day is those who are rich but have no sense of “social responsibility”. We live in an era of licentious permissiveness where the bleeding hearts of a pampered lifestyle advocate destroying unions for the sake of raising corporate profits!

I urge you to watch this video on the MSNBC website where Jim Crammer talks about how we have to smash the union to save GM. Jim Kramer said “if the union is smashed then GM stocks will go up five times in value. This is America and that is all that counts”. Well Mr. Kramer that is not my America! This reminds me of one of Jim Crammer’s fellow travelers on the road to globalization, that is to say Hillary Clinton. Oh sure she backs Universal Health Care but then so does Jim Crammer.

See Video On Lou Dobbs Show concerning Hillary Clinton and the H1-B Visa

Great Hillary your going to “preserve” American jobs by filling them with foreign workers. What drives me nuts is these champions of free enterprise will quote Ann Ryan then use government intervention via the H1B Visa program to systematically undermine the pay scale of computer and technological workers in America! They talk about the evils of government intervention in a free market then advocate it to destroy the dreams and hopes of America’s technological students and employees. Where is the incentive to take the computer and technology courses when our own government supports the undermining of computer programmer wage scales! Then they wonder why “Atlas Shrugged”.

Hillary Clinton you had better wake up! Even the Republican Party members are waking up to this issue.

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